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Hoonigan Racing Div HQ LAUNCH, Block strikes again!


You know who Ken Block is by now, if ya don’t you’re a real part of The Walking Dead, dead to the world…
So we’ll assume you’ve seen the Head Hoonigan In Charge (HHIC) work the wheel at least once!

KB and his now founded Hoonigan Racing Division HQ is being revealed to the public.
Ken has so expertly crafted his aesthetics, marketing agenda and of course his behind the wheel efforts over the past years what did you expect the HRDHQ to look like?!?!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this place in person and it’s pretty solid and impressive in many aspects…
Atta boy KB & team, you guys work hard & party harder, because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and doing it with style, why do it?!?!

As you walk in, shipping containers, a bar and automotive awesomeness…

It’s a MONTAGE of Hoonigan extra curricular activities
Pong, Fifteen 52 meeting table, Monster fridges, a bar & D-Box driving simulator, reminiscent of the movie BIG, isn’t it?!?!


It’s a bit of a KB Racing Museum at this point as well…

Ken’s indoor & outdoor office/patio deck…

Shhhh they’re sleeping with their SNAP-on Tools

The back race shop, the Block Caveman cave!

Here’s the official blah blah blah….

With over two years invested in design, planning and building, Ken Block swings open the doors of his new team headquarters and welcomes the world inside. Based near his home in Park City, Utah, the revolutionary facility—graced with Block’s creative instincts and attention to detail—redefines what a race shop can actually be. The launch of this world-class workspace, which boasts a familiar Monster green color as well as an all-new electric blue, is accompanied by another major announcement: a new team name. The once Monster World Rally Team has now been renamed to Hoonigan Racing Division. Monster Energy, Ford Racing, DC Shoes, GoPro, Pirelli and Block’s other great sponsors will all continue their amazing support as they have in the past. Block’s new headquarters is the first of many big things coming from Hoonigan Racing Division this year.

“Having been involved with the leasing and building of office space for other companies like DC Shoes, I wanted to avoid the inflexibility of constructing a space made of lumber and sheetrock walls,” said Ken Block. “Using recycled shipping containers as the building blocks for the Hoonigan Racing Division headquarters is not only more environmentally friendly, but it gives us the flexibility to add more infrastructure and the ability to pack the entire facility onto trucks if we ever needed to relocate. It also provides a unique element to work with that is visually stunning and really adds to the creative environment of the space. I honestly could not be more stoked on the finished product.”

The 12,000 square foot facility is divided evenly into two spaces. One side consists of a creative office space, capable of housing up to 25 employees, with separate marketing and administration departments. The other side is a top-level workshop for servicing the team’s race vehicles.

“When setting out to design the Hoonigan Racing Division Headquarters, I wanted to build a fun and inspirational creative space that would not only reset the industry standard for a motorsports facility, but also have a place that rivaled the modern workspaces of top ad agencies,” said Block. “I need a place where our whole team—from the marketing staff to the technicians—can be inspired and enjoy working in everyday. So aside from the standard office needs, we made sure to build in some fun; from a ping pong table to a full entertainment area with its own bar. But, I also wanted the other side of the headquarters—the workshop—to have the feel and functionality of a World Rally Championship-level facility like M-Sport or Prodrive. I think we achieved all of my goals with this facility!”

In addition to utilizing 17 recycled shipping containers to construct a reusable workspace, other recycled, reused and sustainable materials were used where possible in the construction of the headquarters.

2 Responses to Hoonigan Racing Div HQ LAUNCH, Block strikes again!

  1. Josh Elliott

    Dude… how can we organize a SND CYN field trip to see this place? Insane!

  2. Rmg

    …so you have thousands of tools, and all this space but no lifts.


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