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7 Days in Osaka | Day 3 Automesse

Day three in Osaka. I spent most of today at Automesse and checking out all 5 halls. Each hall seemed to have a dedicated theme and as you walked in you knew right away. There was a FRS/BRZ/FT86 hall, a vendor/smoking hall, VIP hall, Euro Hall, etc. Tomorrow should be a good one as I’ve got myself a free day which I’ll spend going around town and taking photos of the scenery. But for now, here’s more cars for you…

If you missed it, here’s Day 1 & Day 2

Saw this really cool wagon. I wasnt sure what model this was cause it didnt have any emblems. I think it’s a crown though. Any insight would be cool in the comments below. Thanks

Very nice Toyota Corolla cruising around looking for parking.

As we walked to the hotel to meet up with Yu, a gang load of Lamborghini’s pulled up. All models and colors from gaudy to clean. Here’s an example of clean.

And another clean one…

This full carbon GTR was parked in the parking lot as well. It looked very fast.

Right next to GTR was this 135i M-Sport and some Aston Martin.

Wasn’t expecting this line but I should have knowing all the parking lots were full.

There was a VIP hall which we walked into. Osaka is very different from Tokyo. You’ll never see a car like this in Tokyo but as you walk around Osaka, you see cars like this quite often.

A very nice Cima.

The barrels this super wide body Toyota had was incredible.

This GS stood out.

But what stood out the most was this LS460. Obviously on bags as this thing was less than an inch from the ground.

JDM girls!

No comment..

Barrels for days.

LEDs were always popular in japan but this new blade style LED inserts was seen on alot of cars.

More LEDs.

Love this.

Walked into the FT86/FRS/BRZ hall. There were soooo many of them in here.

Origin Lab made some over fenders. Crazy bubble style.

Old school TRD style FRS.

With louvres!

Toyota HiAce drift van!

The interior was caged, just in case…

Speaking of interior, this one had led’s dancing like a discotheque!

Sunday at Automesse was packed with a bunch of photographers looking for some race queens.

This purple Odyssey looked really good in person. My daughter Skylar would love this car.

Man.. theyre still showing this thing? Its overkill obviously but lets put this car to rest. Barbie needs her car back.

Super GT500 Autobacs No.8 ARTA HSV-010 was on display along with the No.6 ENEOS SUSTINA SC430 which came from testing the day before.

Serious business back here.

Volk Racing displayed their new wheels on this really beautiful GTR.

Enough cars, lets go shopping. Hall 5 had food and shopping. I got stuck here for a minute.

There were some interesting interiors at the show..

The craftsmanship is incredible.

The attention to detail is number 1.


Taking the JR back to the hotel

Best car of the show..!

One Response to 7 Days in Osaka | Day 3 Automesse

  1. Awesome little write up. The pictures are great too. Some serious cars there.


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