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Illest x Shoyoroll Gi

We are excited to announce the Illest x Shoyoroll Gi. Shoyoroll is a lifestyle brand heavily inspired by Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling culture and specializes in premier fine fitted kimonos. For the collaboration piece, two color ways will be available: white and navy. Details below.

Tops are made of a Lightweight Tech Weave and are consistent with the well known Shoyoroll cut/fit.

Bottoms are made of a Lightweight Cotton Blend and are also consistent with the Shoyoroll cut/fit.

Gi’s are available in the following sizes: A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2H, A3, A3S, A4 and A5. “F” fitted sizes are not available.

Each gi comes with it’s own multipurpose drawstring bag for additional gear and transport on and off the mats.

The Illest x Shoyoroll Gi’s will be available this Saturday, June 22nd at our Costa Mesa location at 12pm PST.  Gi’s are bundled with a limited Illest x Shoyoroll colab tee as well as a sticker pack.  Pricing is set at $225 and all orders are limited to 2 per adult.

Illest HQ, 2950 Randolph, Costa Mesa

Release qty:
50 white/50 navy

$225 bundle required for purchase
Bundle: Gi, Tee, Accessory Pack(Misc, Stickers)
Limit: 2 per adult


Online Release Date
Monday, June 24

Location / Time
Fatlace.com / Illest.com
11:11AM PST

Release Qty:

$200 bundle required for purchase
Bundle: Accessory Pack (Misc, Stickers)
Limit: 2 per adult

33 Responses to Illest x Shoyoroll Gi

  1. LB

    Been waiting, I gotta have one. Sick collab, thanks Mark, Bear and Jay. Hopefully I’m one of the lucky ones to get before it sells out.

  2. Billy

    With the release of the gi.. 2 gi limit is it 2 limit per color or just 2 gi’s total?

  3. JM

    I can’t wait for this release, since I live in Hawaii…Hopefully i can get a white one before they sell out online.

  4. Marcus

    I’m setting 5 alarms for this!

  5. Eric

    So on Monday comeback to this website and we can follow a link!??

  6. Chuck

    will it be available online?

  7. MP

    Will these Gi’s be at the Paddock in San Mateo?

  8. mabjj

    wow!!!!! super cool…

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  10. Reno Espinosa

    How can i place order or purchase illest shoyoroll gi navy a2.
    Please email me at once thank you.

  11. Pingback: Illest HQ Grand Opening | Fatlace™ Since 1999

  12. Isiah

    Wow can’t wait to buy. I’ll b the only guy in N.J that will have one.

  13. Yo, make some Illest Capoeira abadas… I will buy some.

  14. Pernin

    Îll do anything to have a navy one.

  15. sam kim

    Hi, what time does it release? can we order both online???

  16. phillip daniel

    when it goes on sale on monday what will it be under when it goes online for sale?or will it just be on the main homepage to buy?

  17. angelo

    (Navy Only) online, or Navy (Only online)?

  18. KDS

    Would you ship to australia?

  19. Jimmy

    Approximately what time will they be available online in CA time?

  20. Thomas Torres

    Limited amount of both colors? Thought it was just navy online?

  21. Kent Mabalay

    Thanks Mark! I’ll be looking for the white and navy release today

  22. Omid zahedian

    Hello. Where can I purchase the new gi on your website? Will it just pop up on the shop page?

  23. Philip

    How do I order the Shoyoroll gi. I don’t see the option anywhere on the website.

  24. Jorge

    Site was down most of the day yesterday… too bad, I was unable to get one.

  25. Sanjay

    Hi – are there any plans to do another run of these gis? Sounds like there were lots of us who were having issues accessing the website. It would be nice if there was another opportunity to buy it. Thanks!

  26. Greg McIntyre

    I want to purchase a shoyoroll gi A2. Are there any left?

    Thank you


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