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A Broken Chain

Everyone remembers their first car, even if it was beat up or a hand me down. The first car is the key to unlocking the wonderful journeys of this world. Your first car is the threshold from asking your mom to give you a ride to being free and just letting the road take you to your heart’s desires. A man that knows a lot about his first car is a long time friend Keith Cheng aka Keychain. Keith has been with his car longer than most of you guys have been in relationships. He never thought of getting rid of his car for a newer car, he always had big plans for his Accord. Even when planning for a family, he would keep the Accord as a project car with a transmission swap and boost in mind.

This is definitely not your average Asian grocery getter. Keith has been in the Accord fitment game for a very long time. This Accord is somewhat an internet sensation. Look how low his Wings West W-Type front lip hangs.

Having the full Wings West W-Type kit compliments his spot on fitment very well.

What I love the most about Keith’s Accord is that he keeps it really simple, but yet it still holds your attention when looking at it.

Everything on his car gives it a bit of character, from the scratched up front lip showing the roads the car has been to the dents on the roof telling a story of the Accord’s troubles with thieves.

Stickers are the tattoos of a car.

It must be a joy to drive this car to the supermarket.

Now a days, people are just trying to one up each other on who has the widest wheels or who has the lowest offsets. Keith keeps it simple and clean with his square setup of 18×9.5 Work VS-KFs.

Work VS-KF’s a timeless wheel.

It’s all about the small details like the AIT Motorsports rear CF roof spoiler and his vanity plates.

Personal Neo Eagle steering wheel to give more joy to the hands when driving.

Instead of the usual Bride bucket seat with the non matching interior. Keith decided to go a different route and re-upholstered his Sparco Roadster bucket seats into NSX tan leather.

Sadly, Keith’s Accord is in heaven’s junkyard. He was exiting a freeway and was at a stop. A car was trying to be the fast and furious when changing lanes and drove right into the rear end of the Accord. The car was totaled. All the blood, sweat and tears that Keith put into his Accord, gone in a second because some idiot couldn’t wait to change lanes. A devastating day for Keith, but Keith is always able to see the light in a dark situation. The Accord was a great experience and is a stepping stone to a new project. I can’t wait to see what Keith will build next.

Modification List

Wings west w-type full lip kit
Tyc black housed headlights
6000k hid kit
Zealous angled front plate bracket
AIT Motorsports rear CF roof spoiler
Window visors
Red/clear taillights

Sparco roadster bucket seats reupholstered in NSX tan leather
Personal neo eagle steering wheel
01-02 accord coupe speedometer
97-01 prelude gated shifter
V6p.net polished door locks
V6p.net polished climate control knobs
White/Blue LED dash conversion
Flat Black harness bar

Pioneer in dash navigation
Infinity reference 10″ sub
Boss amp

AEM short ram intake
ISIS blast pipe

Ksport kontrol pro coilovers
Cusco front strut bar
TL-S front strut bar
Eibach front & rear sway bars
Polished Lower Tie bar

Acura RL big brake kit
Work VS-KF 18×9.5

More photos in the gallery. R.I.P. Keith’s Accord.





One Response to A Broken Chain

  1. Ayman

    feeling really sad. i have been watching this car in all events and photoshots.

    hope Keith is ok ….nevermind bro, you can build a better project but this accord will be unforgetable.



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