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Club Lexus Bi-Weekly SoCal Meet


Every other week, Clublexus hosts a SoCal get together for all Lexus models. From stock cars to some of the best cars So-Cal has to offer. It’s an open invite to anyone and everyone, even different makes are welcome! Just as long as they play nice, haha ;) .

Its a very friendly atmosphere and people are there to be nice and welcome everyone in. Just a simple walk up to a car can spark a conversation with the owner and the spectator. A good meet for those guys that have questions that other Lexus enthusiast answer, Also a great way to make new friends in the process. This week Longo Lexus out in El Monte was nice enough to host the meet. A quick sign up on the clublexus.com boards will keep you updated on all future local events. Myself being a Lexus guy, I enjoy attending this specific meet. Whether is a huge gathering or small, you’ll forget about the cars that show up and have a great convo with the locals :) One of the few meets were there are not idiots ruining for everyone.

Enjoy the photos,
Shot in random order.

For more information about this specific meet. Sign up at Clublexus.com and stay updated!

Phaze2 Mikeys LS430 on leon hardiritt waffe

My personal GS430 on AirREX suspension, Vertex Kit & the all new Weds Maverick 405S *Commercial smile* haha

Again, a Lexus meet. But open to anyone and everyone who’d like to attend!

During the meet, my friends and I took a stroll around all the cars Lexus/Toyota has to offer. Makes me want a stock car, sorta, not really. I’ll probably mod that thing in a week. Haha.

A group of IS300′s

Another shot of Mikey’s LS

Supra & Genesis in attendance.


My old friend Marc & his friend rocking that Illest LA Tee!

Bring what you got! You don’t need to impress anyone and wash your car before the meet.


My good friend Wayne bringing out his Kouki s14.

A Beautiful Job Design 2GS! I can’t wait to own a 2GS & 1GS, One day!

Mr Neel Nananananananana’s very clean LS400. Im glad people are going with sizing that just go perfect with the car.

Carl Zamuco Award winning IS, this car is well put together. Funny a few years back, I met Carl at a foot truck meet over on Melrose. This car has come a very long way from what it used to look like.


After a couple hours or chit chatting our friends, the staff politely told everyone that the gates are closing. A group of us decided to go over to Ray Ray’s in El Monte for a quick drink.

After this Supra left the lot, very respectfully. We heard this beast lighting boosting down the street, My oh my what amazing sounds we heard!

Everyone enjoying a nice drink with this warm weather we’re having in Socal.

While I was inside, my good friend and photographer for Canibeat, Mark Anthony. Shot this photo of my car next to a Royal Flush 2GS. Hope everyone enjoy’d the coverage!

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