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Socal House Hunting & Illest Outlet

We’ve setup 2 locations in Socal in the past couple years and every time I fly down I think about how much I’ve spent staying in hotels and renting cars. Over the last year I’ve been looking at homes in Hawaii and SoCal. I haven’t pulled the trigger on either location just yet but I’ve been able to see some really nice homes within a certain budget since this isnt going to be our primary residence.

Buying a home goes way beyond what the exterior and interior looks like. Sure it definitely helps but knowing what school district is around, how many crazy sex offenders live around you, and how much crime takes place throughout the year is extremely essential in picking the right home. Once you’ve done your homework, the fun of picking your home comes into play.

Since I’m not looking for an extremely large home, a ranch style single level home fits within the budget. This one in particular is in Costa Mesa shown by my friend Kevion of Kase Realty. If you’re looking for a home in socal and want something modern, he’s the guy to goto. I’m pretty sure this one is gone but it definitely had essentials I’m looking for.

Privacy is key. I really liked how this home had a fence that divided the front.

Past the front fence, the landscape designer did a really good job creating a natural environment. It wasn’t just cement and a wood fence.

The first thing I noticed walking in was cement floors. This is great considering how hot it gets in Socal. It’ll keep the house cool without the added costs of air conditioning, which I believe it had central. The fireplace and open living room helped make this small home feel not so small.

Eames and Noguchi Table. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not a real big fan of this sink in the bathroom but it fit the theme.

Nice automatic vent and stove.

And the backyard carried on the ranch theme.

After seeing a few homes, I headed over to Illest in Costa Mesa. This location just turned into an outlet store so if you’re looking for something we’ve carried in the past and looking for some good deals, come by.

Illest Outlet
2950 Randolph Blvd, Costa Mesa

One Response to Socal House Hunting & Illest Outlet

  1. Like I said before, we’ve got plenty of modern homes in texas for under 500k that look great. That ranch style is dope though.


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