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My Picks at the Werks Reunion

The following are some of my favorites of the Werks Reunion. I have quite a few photos of the event so I’ll split them in 2 posts. There were so many cars at the event that you really couldn’t pick this or that or the best since there were details of every car that made them exceptional.

The details in the Singer 911s are extraordinary. It may seem so normal til you put a magnifying glass to it. I stared and looked at the details inside, under and outside for about an hour. The complimentary colors that were used on all of the Singer 911s that were at the events this week were just as amazing. One can only dream of building something like this in their own garage. Kudos.

Everything about this car looked like a late 60s / early 70s Porsche from afar but when you looked up and close, everything was new.

Oil on the right side is a very nice touch.

On 964′s the rear wing raises up after going 50mph for aerodynamics. Singer redid the rear wing with a subtle lip and added their version of a grill with glass that breathes.

I really liked their mirrors. I dont know if they made the mirrors themselves or bought them from another car. It was really nicely finished.

The olive recaros matched very well with the dash, cream and black interior. Someone knows how to use colors very well at Singer. :)

Pull that leather strap and you’ll get your harness bar.

All in the details.

Color combo makes all of the singers I’ve seen thus far extraordinary.

This 964 Turbo was powered by a Brumos 3.8L Hillclimb S2 Turbo engine. I was fortunate enough to run with this car on the highway the day before. It definitely was keeping up.

Love the houndstooth interior.

The profile is perfect. Turbo with a custom duck win. I’d love to get a duckwing onto the RWB one of these days.

Taking notes….

Love this early model 356. In late 1961, the rear window changed to a wider window and the rear engine lid had 2 “kidney” holes versus the 1 from early models.

Speedster seats looked great in here.

This Porsche 906 blew my mind.

Although there were so many 356′s at the show, this one stood out the most. An older gentleman drove it in and I immediately noticed how low the car was. I talked with him and he said his son and he restored it 12 years ago. Lowered with drop spindles. Awesome job.

One of the favorites of the show. This patina’d 1952 Porsche 356. Look at them cracks!

5 Responses to My Picks at the Werks Reunion

  1. veks

    Sharp pictures. What lens was used if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Andrew Z

    Sweet shots – Love me that Singer

  3. Vandit

    That Singer must be one of their earlier cars. It is not a 964-based car like their current builds. That close-up of the rear suspension is all torsion bar 911 platform, not a 964 platform.


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