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Sole Slam Manila 2014

Taking a short break from my Offset Kings coverage with Manila’s biggest sneaker event to date, Sole Slam Manila 2014. This year’s convention was held last August 3, 2014 at the World Trade Center for sneaker fans to buy, sell and meet enthusiasts. Check out the photos.

Sole Slam Manila marked its 7th major event this year. It is lead by sneaker collectors Antonio Aguirre Jr.  and Ira Cordero, who is also a graphic designer for Illest.

There were lots of shoes displayed this year, but I will focus on pairs rarely seen on the selling/trading market in the Philippines.

Like this China exclusive Kobe 8 Shanghai ‘Firework‘.

The LeBron collectors were at it. Check out these China 4‘s which I believe is numbered to 4500 pairs.

LeBron 4 ‘birthday‘. Classic Cleveland colorway.

I’ve seen numerous Nike’s with the ‘What-The” treatment, but the 11′s were a little too fancy for my taste.

I’d go for these, X MVP’s.

XI 2k14‘s. Rawr.

3M Tiger Camo Atmos Airmax 90′s.

Tiger Duck Camo‘s, upon my recent trip to Japan I spoke with the crew/team behind this wonderful collaboration. Art.

The talk of the town, Air Max Lunar90 ‘Moon Landing‘, a shoe which celebrates Apollo 11.

Very unique, I think they really look good in person. Looking forward to these in the future.

Kicks Flipped Customs. A shop which internationally renowned for  its customizing. Those 11′s went viral online, Gamma Glow.

The shop is led by Alberto Lou, a graphic designer. I will take a deeper look on his really soon. Art talk.

Shoes and paint are made by hand. Amazing details.

Interesting right?  Shoes that are tailored to your specs.


I will save the talk about his inspiration and his future plans for the upcoming feature.

I also saw these ’3d’ paintings.

Yeezy inspired?

That classic vibe. A vendor brought in a pair of Adidas Kobe2′s, Crazy 8′s and a shoe which I really do miss the Answer 4‘s.

He also had classic Nokia phones for sale, that 8850/90 still works!

Runners, my favorite part. The Flyknit Racer Multicolor is considered one of the most sought out pairs now in the the Manila sneaker game.

These Saucony’s really look good.

Classy LX8500‘s. Reebok’s in Manila never get the hype, which is good.

My favorite and in my size. Very tempted in these ‘Puma COA‘s. These or a body kit on the 15?

A shoe I regretted on not getting a pair in Japan, Kicks Lab had a full size run on these Blaze of Glory 93′s.

Turbo Green Roshe’s. Something different.

Croc Skin 11′s from 2001?

No introduction needed on these.

This wraps up my quick post on Sole Slam Manila 2014.

Again congrats to Antonio, Ira and Alberto, see you guys soon.

Instagram: @kevcarlos

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