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16 Jan 2011

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 Video Coverage!

Grant Wilson always had some really nice coverage from events in Japan over the years. And he has out done himself this year. Not only getting a good photo set, but he has a video to go with it! After your done watching the dope video, go check out his

15 Jan 2011

My idea of playing in the snow..

Recently, DC got hit with about 4-6″ of snow and I have been meaning to shoot my Audi S4. I just bought BBS LM’s for the winter, so what better occasion?  Car is AWE Tuning Stage 3. I kept it very Euro OEM+ with the  RS4 front end/Euro S4 rear,

14 Jan 2011

Saxoholic’s TT

Well the Audi TT will always be a classy car, and so i spotted this Audi TT from Christophe who is member of Heaven On Wheels wich is a small friends club in Belgium. The setup that were showing you today is already the 4th setup for this Audi. This

14 Jan 2011

Whos in store

Our Hommie Salem and the rest of the boys from phaze2 stopped by and got a little shoot in with his really dope TSX! Enjoy

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13 Jan 2011

Giant Robot Famicom Scion xb

In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles make sure to check out ZEN GARAGE and this Giant Robot Famicom Scion XB. Super cool video game inspired scion with push button door handles! Here’s a little video of the car but to see it in person is something else. [youtube][/youtube] Zen Garage is

12 Jan 2011

Rotiform on Audi

Check out this Exclusive Rotiform Wheel! This wheel will be placed on the Audi A4 from Kristof who’s living in Belgium. BS-Wheels will deliver the wheels for the Audi on Air suspension. Can’t wait till the wheels are fitted on the Audi! Specs: Rotiform Bru Wheels 9,5 Front Wheels &

11 Jan 2011

Jetta On Bentley’s

Volkswagen’s made the sixth-generation Jetta longer, leaner and cheaper than its predecessor and, for the first time, it isn’t a Golf with a trunk. So whats the best way to make the car better then it already is. Air suspension and Bentley wheels are a  good combination for a good