I always wanted to shoot this Super dumped Lexus and I got a chance to last night. You’ll see this sleek ride rollin around town slammed to the ground. We went to this spot in the arts district in downtown Las Vegas, coincidentally Wes is from Hawaii and I saw this wall with a 702-808 tag which was perfect for the shot. Wes is on Universal air on Work Schwert SC1 19×10+32 225/35/19 Front & 19×11+38 245/35/19 General tires. The Ing’s kit sets off the ride all around with an Seibon Carbon fiber lip in the front. This car is Sick!

– Neek is LURKN


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    1. Looks nice but I think I’d have to agree…if on bags you can pull off some stupid stuff. Look better with something like this:

      1. I own an IS you cant pull shit like that off the fenders are completely different from a jetta…

  1. Wow this car is amazing. I’ve already seen it twice in person and it still awes me.

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  3. What’s that hanging form the rear view mirror? I always see that on hella flush cars but I have no idea what that is or where I can get one. Can some one shed some light and hook me up with a place to buy one.

      1. Thanks. I’ve always been wondering what that was. I think they look awesome.

  4. Seen this car several times in person. Always clean… and love the wall too. Represent 808 in da 702!

  5. Where is this wall at? We have been trying to find this wall for the past week so I can take pictures of it

  6. Perhaps when we look at some fun but in truth and in terms of specific technical work is not done.
    But in the end thanks

  7. I am keeping my out on this car I would love to see it on the streets! haha 702 represent!

  8. this car is just plain beautiful. no questions. no contraries. anything negative is just pure HATIN which the world has enough of as it is.

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