PART 1 – The Intro

PART 2 – Getting Lucky

PART 3 – Collecting Parts

I’m starting to gather all the parts needed but at the same time my first track day of 2018 is in 2 days as I write this. Damn, the s2000 is still stock.

This morning I went to check out Blox Racing since they are local to me and have some goodies I need/want. Of course right as I pull up, there has to be a JDM WRX outside.

I’m not saying JDM cause it’s a WRX with a wing. Look, its really JDM.

Their place was cool but unfortunately they had a lot of products that are still being developed. A lot of production samples and new things happening, so my camera permission was limited.

I’m coming back for one of these turn down tip mufflers. I want to make something custom with a diffuser for the rear.

In the back, there a racks on racks on racks of parts. I walked around with a sales person and picked all my parts off the selves.

And now to head home and open my goodies.

Mandatory shot of the boxes somewhere. In this case, the living room floor.

Enough of that. Let’s open everything and put it all over the floor so I can look like a crazy person when my girlfriend comes home.

Everything looks so nice.

The attention to detail is nice. I love how they took the time to put their logo on everything and also include part numbers.

While I’m doing all this the mail man dropped off some other stuff I’ve been waiting for. I thought this stuff would show up tomorrow, but today is even better. Thanks Circuit Hero for the fast shipping.

The next photos will show the reason I ordered the stuff from Circuit Hero. There is a huge surplus of strut bars for all cars. I love the race car stuff, and to me welded and fabricated things make it more real. I’m all about the gussets and welds.

I got the strut bar in raw. They offer stainless steel and have a variety of custom color options, but since I needed it quick, I opted for raw so I can paint it myself. I’m going to make the strut bar and coil pack cover satin black.

My wheels came!!! Thanks Grip Low. I’ve known Jesse for a while; I’ve purchased wheels from him before. I was talking to him about the s2000 and he mentioned he’s got a set of Stern 3 piece wheels in 17×9 ET39 square. I was looking to do 17×9 ET42, so these were really close. I decided to pull the trigger and here they are.

The wheels need refinishing but there’s no time for that. I ran over to Speed Element and got my tires mounted.

While I was at Speed Element, Dev (the owner of the shop) mentioned to me he had a box of used lug nuts in the corner. A lot of them are mismatched, but I could go through the box and try to find a set.

Surprise! I managed to find a set of black Work lug nuts. Score.

List of Parts:

  • Blox Front Bump Steer Kit 20mm
  • Blox Half Shaft Spacers
  • Blox Steering Rack Rigid Bushings
  • Blox Radiator Stays
  • Blox Differential Collar Kit
  • Blox Billet Battery Tiedown
  • Buddy Club N1+ Spec Coilovers (used)
  • StopTech Front Rotors (used)
  • StopTech Rear Rotors (used)
  • StopTech Front Pads (used)
  • StopTech Rear Pads (used)
  • Stern 17×9 ET39 3piece Wheels (really used)
  • Federal RS-RR 235/40/17s
  • Circuit Hero Front Strut Bar
  • Circuit Hero Coil Pack Cover

Let’s see how I’m going to put everything on in the last 2 days before my track day at Thunder Hill.

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