PART 1 – The Intro

PART 2 – Getting Lucky

PART 3 – Collecting Parts

PART 4 – 24 Hours Till Thunder Hill


With 24 hours to go, it’s really hard to pull crazy tricks from a hat. The car was 100% stock with blown rear struts, bad rear tires and a bad alignment. Considering the alignment place closes at 5:30 PM, I have to get everything done from 12 PM when I get off work to 5:00 PM so I can get the car dialed in.

Even though there are a lot of parts on the floor, I don’t think I’ll get to everything. I’ll try my best for the basics.

What we have here:

Last time this thing will be stock. It’s already getting late. Better get to work.

If you work on cars a lot, please do yourself a favor and buy a battery impact gun. It saves so much time and makes the process easier.

Looking at the current rotors on the car I realized they don’t look very used either. Let’s just measure them to make sure. The newly used StopTech rotors are 25.11mm in thickness.

The stock rotors on the car are currently at 25.07mm for thickness. I’m not going to waste my time changing them. I’ll keep the StopTechs as spares for when these ones will have hairline cracks on them.

Well… damn. I just saw the sway bar end links and there is no way to get parts in time; I’ll have to wait until next time.

Front strut assembly is out and to my surprise, it has Eibach springs.

Again, get an impact gun. This made installing the Blox 20mm Bump Steer kit so easy.

The new parts. I was a bit against colors besides black or silver but the red looks nice, not that anyone can see it under the car.

With that said, I finished the front suspension assembly.

Now to do what I really have been waiting for; checking out if the wheels fit well. I have never seen an S2000 with Stern 3 piece wheels. I’ll have to cut the fender edge tabs and a bit of the fender liner, but they should fit no problem even with the fat 235/40/17’s.

Starting on the rear, I realized someone already did some work for me. I went to put in my Blox Half Shaft Spacers and found T1R spacers already. This was easy, on to the next!

Boom, rear coils are in also.

Please use anti-seize when installing lug nuts. Especially for aluminum lug nuts on steel studs.

Now that all the coilovers are installed, let’s see what else I can throw on quickly since I don’t have much time.

I decided on the front strut bar. Just a quick coat of black spray paint…

It’s weird; it said the strut bar would not fit with the stock air box, but it did.

Cleaning the coilovers a few blog posts ago was good. As you can see, they look nice through the new strut bar.

While the paint was drying on the strut bar, I actually did the Blox Radiator Stays.

I somehow have 20 minutes left before I take off for the alignment. Let’s get one more mod in to help this thing breathe better. Modding the stock air box.

With the center section cut out and the chamber bigger, I’m going to add another hole on the side. This will provide a bit more air. If I don’t like it, I can always cover it back up since it’s on a flat portion.

Airbox back in and with the cover back on. Oh, I also got those Spoon reservoir covers from my buddy. He no longer has his S2k and donated them to me.

So… since there is no more time to raise the car and adjust everything properly, there is no time to roll the fenders better. I’m just going to have a bit of extra camber for now and shakedown the car the way it is. I’ll deal with making big changes before Laguna.

The alignment I ran on my previous s2k a few years back was:

Front Camber -2.7, Front Caster 6, Front Toe 0, Rear Camber -3.2, Rear Toe Stock.

What I’m currently running now cause of the time constraints and lack of fender roll is”

Front Camber -3.6, Front Caster 6, Front Toe 0, Rear Camber -3.8, Rear Toe Stock.

My current camber and right height are not there yet but considering it’s 6:45PM, I’m done for today. I have to be up at 4 AM to drive to Thunder Hill.

6 AM was creepy. The fog was super thick in some spots. I honestly had to drive 55 mph during some sections.

Made it to the track and driver meeting on time. Car drove great on the freeway. I did have a high idle every time I got off the throttle, but I don’t have time to figure it out before the first session. I looked and could not find a vacuum leak anywhere.

Session 1 – The car felt good. I can tell it’s got too much rear camber. The stock brakes are holding up great.

Session 2 – I let out some air in the tires all around; the grip got better. I also tried to brake a bit later, but that’s as far as I’m willing to push it on stock pads and fluid. I’m happy so far.

Session 3 – After 5 laps out, the car would almost die going into VTEC and the ABS light was flashing. I came back in and turned it off. When I popped the hood, I found my VTEC and high idle problem from the earlier in the day.

Session 4 – On my cool down lap, it started to smell like fuel. Somehow, I managed to not burn the whole car down. The main fuel line to the fuel rail started leaking. I was able to fix this and drive home.

To recap, what I learned from the track.

  1. The car is too low; it needs to be raised
  2. The car has too much camber and I need to roll the fenders
  3. Power feels good, all I would want is a cat delete, exhaust, intake filter and maybe a VFAC controller
  4. I need a bucket seat, I’m sitting way too high and sliding around
  5. I need new brake fluid
  6. I figured out what tire PSI to start on next track event so I don’t have to adjust it midday

With all that being said, I managed to get a 2:14.2 on my last session and on the last lap. I’m ok with it, as this was my shakedown for this car. It can only get faster from here.

S2000 Mod list:

  • Buddy Club N1 Coilovers
  • Circuit Hero 2 Point Strut Bar
  • Blox Racing 20mm Bumpsteer Kit
  • Blox Racing Radiator Stays
  • T1R Half Shaft Spacers
  • Stern 17×9 ET39 Square
  • 235/40/17 Federal RS-RR Square
  • Work Closed End Lug Nuts

Since everything has been a huge time crunch, I have not had time for a proper shoot. I’ll try and get one in before the next event. Laguna Seca on Feb 10th is next.

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