Lets Have Some Track Fun (Part 1)

PART 1 – The Intro

Over the years I’ve owned numerous fun cars and even though I currently own cars that are set up for the track, I don’t necessarily want to beat them up or risk them more than a few times a year. By no means am I saying I don’t want to drive them, since I do, but there is a difference in between a full blown designated track toy and a car you take on mountain drives and a few track days.

Since the budget permits it, I decided to set myself a minimum goal of 12 track days this year… minimum.

I wanted to get something budget friendly that’s decently light, two door, NA, rear wheel drive, cheap to maintain, reliable, and most of all fun.

There are numerous cars that fit this category but since the price was right, I decided to pull the trigger on a s2000 my friend was thinking of selling. So here it is.

The car is ok, nothing perfect. But then again, this is a car I’m building to sharpen my driving skill and have fun with. It’s a track toy I should enjoy, but not be emotionally attached to in case something goes wrong. I’m not going to be worried about rock chips, engine miles and so on. It’s purely for fun.

At some point someone did a budget AP2 upgrade on the outside. AP2 Front bumper and lip, AP2 rear bumper and AP2 wheels.

The interior is clean for the most part. Someone did the AP2 center console and deck lip accompanied by some blue AP1 seats. I can’t complain; for the money I spent on it, I love it.

I’ve always loved the cluster in the S2000. There’s just something magical about the digital RPM bar and the way it blinks when it hits 9000 rpm

The engine is in good running shape. There are a few things for me to tackle before the first track event. I’ll see how much time I have.

I just can’t. It’s not my style. The blue lug nuts have to go.

Since I’ve owned another s2k at some point in my life, I kind of know what I’d like from this one and what to get in terms of cheap and cheerful mods.

Things to get:

– Coilovers (something decent for now that’s better than the blown rear struts)

– Front sway bar

– Front strut bar (really like the Circuit Hero one)

– Rotors

– Brakepads (going to go with the Project Mu Clubracers)

– Brake Fluid (going to go with Project Mu 335 Fluid)

– Lugnuts (something good and black)

– Exhaust (nothing in mind yet, maybe berk or spoon)

– Front bump steer kit 20mm

– Steering rack bushings (since I’m already doing the bump steer kit)

– Half Shaft spacers

– Differential collar kit

– Battery strap (since the one on the car is super busted)

– Wheels (something in 17×9 ET42-45)

– Tires (something 245/40/17 around the 200 tread wear mark)

– CR front lip (maybe, since I already have the AP2 lip)

– Rear wing (don’t know what I want to do yet here)

– Rear diffuser (don’t need one but I like the old spoon one I used to have)

– Bucket seat (something hardback and real)

– 4 point (safety 21 or hard dog)

Maintenance wise:

– Valve adjustment

– Spark plugs (maybe NGK Iridium)

– repaint valve cover (red again….maybe)

– coil pack cover (only if it’s cheap)

– Upgraded Intake Filter (kinda want to try the cosworth one)

– Airbox top

I’m already signed up for two track events already.

– Jan 13th for Thunder Hill East

– Feb 10th for Laguna Seca (will need an airbox cover for this)

Let’s see how much I can figure out in two weeks.

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