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For those who follow me on Instagram *cough* YogiFatlace *cough*cough* I recently mention that if you are a car guy, SoCal is the place to be. It is! and I stand by it. There will always be that great debate on what city reign’s supreme and who has the best cars. But common, you can literally go 2 or 3 blocks down in any direction, LA or OC and find something awesome roaming the street. From imports, to low riders. Or classics and exotics if that’s what you fancy. It’s always sunny in SoCal, well most of the time. The night’s are perfect and a good time to cruise around with friends. Car guys are always down to kick it at anytime of the day or night.

 This evening after a nice dinner with my girlfriend. It so happen that my friend Johnne Sou aka E60Daddy was in the area with friends. I decided to stop by and do a little bit of chit chating.

 It so happened that I left my camera in the back seat and one thing let to another…

 Let the shoot begin.

 Sometimes you don’t need a super fancy location to shoot. This gas station did just fine. Good lighting and late enough to where people weren’t getting gas at this time of the night.

Johnne’s E60 on AirForce air suspention and sitting on Leon Hardiritt Waffe

 Recently had his car wrapped in a Satin white pearl. Done by Mike Vo of MVwraps in El Monte. Looking good!

Patrick, representing PureVIP. He recently made the move down here from NorCal to SoCal. See, he got the memo! hahaha. Welcome!


Sitting on some temp wheel’s but still looks good to me.

 Loc Dang’s IS350.

 It’s funny. For some reason I assume all Lexus owner are running bags. I told him to air up when we were shooting at a different location and he was looking at me with a strange look. This guy is running static and sometime I wonder how he does it. I myself still struggle to get over speed bumpers and I have air! I’ve broken some many parts, yet he manages to get over bumps and his car is in better shape than mine. I really need to learn how to drive.

  Jeno Thossansin and his 6th gen Toyota Camry

 I’ve seen this car plenty of times but this is the first time we officially met. Very unique and it flows very well. I’ve seen plenty of guys “TRY” to work on this generation Camry and its usually a big fail. There are literally only two that I really enjoyed looking at. This one and the Low and Slow Camry.

 Sitting on a set of AG wheel’s. I really like the color scheme on this car.

 Last but not least. Johnny’s IS-F converted IS. Just kidding it’s an IS-F. The guys kept teasing him and calling his car a conversion, haha.

 Sitting on a set of Work Meisters. Overall look, I think this car looks awesome! One of the best IS-F’s I’ve seen in person. Perfect fitment with enough rubber to have some fun and take some turns.

 Rockin’ and Reppin’  that very popular JDM Ego plate. I </3 YOUR FAKE WHEELS.

 Mr Johnne Sou broadcasting live, Via Instagram. You better tag me. haha

 And the last shot of the night.

 It so happen that we were also in an Iconic landmark. If you are truly a car guy, you’ll know where and what this place is. If not… You’re still a Buster.

No cars were shot at, blew up or harmed during this shoot.


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