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MadeMe F/W Collection 2011

When I think of MadeMe, I hear the lyrics “I rock rough and tough with mah afro-puffs!” Embodying confidence, individuality, and of course style, MadeMe’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection pays homage to the New York City punk/rock/artsy lifestyles of the 80’s and early 90’s.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been waiting UN-patiently for this collection to drop. Erin McGee of MadeMe always comes through with the toughest, edgiest, rock-est (yea, don’t judge on my ability to make up nonsensical words) designs. Her ability to intertwine the tomboy look with just enough of that female touch is on point.

MadeMe’s lookbook features all of their family and friends (as usual), this time featuring NINA SKY, LADY MISS KIER, MALUCA MALA, KIM ANN FOXMAN and VICTORIA BRITO.

You can also download MadeMe’s new mixtape by Nina Sky HERE

MADEME F/W 2010 from Reid van Renesse on Vimeo.


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