Man Cave Wednesday: Date with the Devil


Hello my Friends. Yes yes, it has been a while. Today has been one of my only days off in the last 6 months, I kid you not. I’ve been super busy with work and current projects, that sadly I’ve ignored my cars health. Yes I know, “what kind cruel man are you?!”, Haha. So I thought I’d spend some time with the little Red Devil while I have some free time.

So just to give you a little idea on how busy my schedule is. This Thursday, the Fatlace x Illest crew will be attending the Scion Tuner Challenge event in Downtown Los Angeles. They’ll be unveiling the Scion iM built by Illest and our friends at Crooks and Castles, should be a good one! Then Friday, I’ll be attending the release of Sung Kang’s Fugu Z over at Greddy USA, a highly anticipated build that I’m very excited to see and I’m sure many of you as well. Then! Saturday, my good friend Joey Lee from The Chronicles will be having his 7th annual car meet at Eibach Springs in Corona. Joey tends to plan his particular event the Saturday right before the SEMA car show in Las Vegas. Some actually bring out their SEMA builds to the event to surprise the guests and after they make the trek straight to Vegas for roll in the following morning. This event is actually very special to me because last year during Joey’s Year SIX meet, I didn’t tell anyone I was bringing out the GS fresh from the body shop and people were shocked to see it there before our long drive to Vegas.

So Monday,  I’ll be driving out to SEMA. Originally I was going to take my daily Corolla, but what fun is that, right? Instead I made the decision to drive the GS, even if I’m not participating in this years SEMA show. Only problem is that I have about a 600 mile round trip ahead of me and I’m over due on an oil change. Not by much…. Maybe about 1.. 2… 3… 4…. thousand miles over :/ Yeah, I know, BAD BEAR! lol. Truth be told, I actually drive this car 5-6 days out of the week. It’s actually quite hard to get people to work on my car because of the existing aero and you’ll see why later. When I do take it to shops, managers don’t want to take responsibility for taking off parts and when they do offer to do it, they want to jack up the prices and make up some nonsense. Even drive thru oil change spots complain that they can’t reach a filter or aero is in the way, Blah Blah Blah, whatever. Now that I have a day free, she’ll get the attention she deserves.




Started later in the day, right around 6? The weather has been getting better here in So-Cal, but my thick skin hates any type of warmth.


DSC01265My aero has been extended throughout the whole car. The additional splitter below the skirts makes it much lower and pretty much impossible to get to the jack-point without damaging body parts. My front bumper is too low, my side skirts are too low and my splitter prevents me from reaching my rear diff. So I have to remove the skirt’s in order to jack up the car. Yes, it sucks, but it is what it is.




Up up and away!


This also gives me the opportunity to clear up some extra weight picked up by my skirts. Glass, rocks, tire rubber, you name it!. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have something living in there, haha.


She ain’t much, but she’s something and she’s mine.. For those that always asked me, “Have you considered a swap?”. Truthfully, yes. But can I afford it financially at the moment? Hell no! Lol. I’m still paying for some bills from last years SEMA. Though once I get some funds, and hopefully I don’t get suckered into getting married, I may just do it. 2J? LS? I don’t know. We’ll see when the time comes.


A while ago, I was approached by our friends over at @MaxxOil_USA and picked up some product for most of my cars.  I was actually quite impressed with their product’s and packaging, so I thought, why not, I’ll give them a shot. One of my first car’s I tried it on was my Toyota 4Runner which has about 300k miles. A few months ago I noticed the car started to overheat and felt sluggish. So I drained her out, twisted in a new oil filter and filled her up with some of this and she’s been running perfect ever since! Definitely earned my trust and I’m sure it’ll do just as good in the GS.

Ummm… Yeah, I was super overdue. 😐 Sorry girl, please forgive me! 


Gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp!


Started the old lady up and she was good to go! Took the car around the city for a little bit. Came back and topped her off.


Set it and forget it! All done.



Looks like she’s ready for her long journey on Monday! Make sure to come back in the next few days, I should have some more content from the event’s ill be attending the next few days.



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