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I remember an acquaintance once asked me on the subject of cars, “Why do guys invest into something so old?”. Then I replied, “Why not?”. It was one of those nights  I was with friends of friends and someone mentioned that cars was a hobby of mine. She  then said she had a bunch of friends that do nothing but stay in their garages and work on old rusty buckets all night. So I ask her, “Why do women spend thousands on designer bags?”. She looked at me with a blank stare trying to figure out a reply that wouldn’t make her look dumb. I then went to go on, “You have your hobbies and we have ours”. What we do with our money is our own decision. If it’s what you love, then do it! Hmm, I am kind of in the mood for some crack right about now. *itches arm*. Ha-ha, kidding. But here, I’ll give you two perfect examples of what I mean.

My longtime friend Ojay Bayang has an early 90’s Toyota Previa family van. It’s one of those cars I used to dread riding in when I was younger, it that same car that I didn’t want my friends to see me in. Leave it up to my family for dropping me off right in front of them -_- . If you ever see one on the road, it looks like a huge egg attached with wheels and windows. It’s very hard to mistake it for any other van and it makes a distinct whistling sound that they all later tend to make for some weird reason. It’s a vehicle you’d never really expect someone to invest large amounts of money on. It wouldn’t be my first choice in cars to be really honest. Yet he took this very odd and different car and made it to his own. He simply did it for the love of the build. It is now recognized as being one of today’s most popular VIP builds to date. He showed those people who once didn’t understand into believers. I’m personally a fan of his car and I love everything about it.

Now here’s my other example. This whole set of photos is shot with a film SLR. My Canon F1n, built in 1976. It’s way older than I am. It’s a very outdated system and an almost extinct to most people. My Nikon D800 DSLR which I usually use for shoots is far superior in every way. The quality, reliability, its faster and easier to use. If I take a shot I don’t like, I simply can delete and retake like nothing. I can literally go from shoot to finish with processing in mere hours. But I still believe film is still one of the best forms of photography in my opinion. I tend to spend a good amount of money on film camera, manual lenses and film. There are times were my friends are like, “Yogi? For real?! You’re wasting your money!”. But I don’t see it that way, again I do it for my love of my photography and don’t care what people say.

These two devices have the same concept, capturing moments. But both come from two totally different worlds.With film you only get one try with the hopes your photo was focused and perfect. Obviously you’re not able to see it instantly. You need to make sure your metering is perfect, otherwise you’ll get an under or over exposed photo. Then on top of all this, you have to locate a photo lab that is still able to process these rolls, which could take days. Shooting film is one of those things I need in my life to balance everything out. I love digital but at times it’s almost too easy. Photographers now a day tend to make it all about post processing and make no efforts in taking a good photo from the start. They rely on photoshop to fix all their mistakes and over process on top of it.

When I lose that feel and love shooting digital, I tend to revert back to film because it makes me appreciate everything all over again. It’s weird to say but you can actually learn to be a better photo taker by learning the very basics. When you finally get your prints back from the lab, you’ll appreciate it more than sticking your memory card into your computer. The color and grain you get from film is something even Photoshop will never replicate. Showing people what a good solid photo looks like without adjusting brightness, contrast and sharpness. Just getting it right the first time.

It was mid last week when I contacted Ojay and asked if he’d like to hang out for a while and shoot his car. I then broke it to him that I’d being shooting his car with film. He seemed a little reluctant about it. But in good spirit he agreed and we set a location.

Let’s not call this a car feature, but more like a day in our lives.

Ojay’s made a great choice in wheels. He went for a custom BBS mesh setup. 16″ face stepped up to an 18″ barrel.


There is no way no one is not going to notice this purple egg on the road. haha.



There’s time during the shoot were I looked through the lens and I forget I’m shooting a large purple van.


There are plenty of names we’ve jokingly given his car since he built it. My personal favorite is Grimace, second favorite is the Lake mobile. Haha. Even with all the joke’s, he’s still a real good sport about it.


Ah perfect, there’s yellow in this photo. See! Laker mobile… Hahah.

What’s truly awesome his custom interior. Custom diamond stitch leather seats, diamond stitch paneling, aftermarket race wheel and look at that big ass iPad sitting in his cup holder! I think I’ll take one.  You can also see his air switches in his center console.

Suitable reading material. The car on the cover almost looks like Mark Arcenal’s Quest w/ the JDM El Grand front end.

Expect to get the full VIP treatment sitting the back seat. Not only is the front complete with diamond stitching, but the whole back end as well with custom wooden flooring. Maybe he should start driving students to prom night. Enough space for some action! remember to add some gratuity to that bill for the stains, Ojay. haha.

All around Garson D.A.D curtains. Not cheap.

The sun was almost ready to fall out of the sky for the night. So I had to rush a little before all the light  that was needed was gone. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to take a full roll of photos when you’re trying to ensure good photo’s will emerge from them.

Ojay’s Toyota Previa is a great example of a great build. With enough love, you can turn any beast into a perfect beauty.

A shot of our cars together before we split.

Hope you enjoyed this everybody. Until next time!


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  1. Using a film just make every photo better ! Nice post. Really diggin this Previa. This car is a tank !

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