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Alright ladies, here we go again – this time Burton & ThatsLadylike are making sure you’re the cutest snowbunny out there. Hit the slopes in the Burton x MTTM Tabatha jacket AND the Big Bertha beanie – a combo that will keep you looking fly while you shred.

We’re giving away all kinds of gear this month, so keep checking back with us for more giveaways!

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Give us an answer to the following question: What’s your secret to looking fly when its cold outside?

Winners will be announced next week, on Friday Feb 4th! Keep checking in with us for updates and MORE GIVEAWAYS!

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  1. Following on Twitter and like the site on FB. I live in New York City. Looking fly is all about confidence but a cute outfit certainly helps. I am all about the accessories! I put on a cute scarf and hat set plus a snazzy pair of boots and I am ready to hit the streets!

  2. Following on Twitter. I live in the New York area.. Winter accessories help my look for the season. Hats, gloves, and boots that give notice!

  3. Raaachem | San Francisco, CA

    How do I stay fly in the cold? I STAY HAPPY. and Happy looks good on me, regardless of the weather. =) Gay answer over, layers layers and LAYERS.

  4. Annie Lee – New York, NY
    Followed and Liked!
    My secret to looking fly in this brutal NYC winter? LAYERS! I SWEAR by Heat Tech Undershirts from Uniqlo.
    A couple shots of whiskey also does the trick!

  5. *Erin from New York City bay bay!!!
    *Following you on Twitter & Facebook
    *My secret to looking fly when it’s cold outside is by wearing a fly hat with a complimentary scarf and bright poppin lipstick!

  6. *Denise :: Maryland

    My secret to looking fly when it’s cold outside is lip moisturizer, lotion, simplicity, functionality, confidence, and layers. All of those things really go a long way.

  7. Michelle // Hayward, CA

    Following & Liking

    Layers is how I keep it fly when it’s cold outside! It’s just a matter of how it’s done. I love it too because as the day progresses and hopefully the degrees increase you can shed some of those layers …

  8. Janice – San Francisco, CA

    I like to layer it up and I go as far as wearing tights underneath my pants because for some reason when it’s really cold, my bottom half of my body is colder than the top half of my body. Lol

  9. Naomi-Beaverton, OR.

    Following on twitter @sunchicka
    Following on facebook @sun chicka

    Secret to staying warm is make sure all clothing is thick,so the cold air will not penetrate.

  10. I stay warm by layering my clothes and always make sure to include my accessories…gloves, hats/beanies, thick socks and boots!

  11. I live in Lawrence, KS and because of Kansas’ crazy weather and the snow lately, staying warm is my number one priority. But, I still want to look good. So my secret is layering up. My white polo sweater under my black leather jacket. Dark skinny jeans, leg warmers, and boots. Lastly, a random pick at my enormous collection of beanies, scarves, and gloves. I like to keep it simple and effortless, but still get my style noticed.

  12. Union City, CA
    Just layering and accessorizing is what does it for me. Also having a random pop of color.

  13. number one is stay warm with a steezin’ jacket, wrap up with a soild color scarf. layers without over doing it with warm pants or leggings.

  14. My secret to looking fly when it’s cold outside is layering up. Looking happy and keeping a smile on your face attracts others. So when I’m strutting down the street all warm and cozed up with my grill showing, I feel nothing less than confident. Uniqlo’s heatteach collection helps a lot too! Stylish and very useful.

    The real question should be: What is your secret to looking fly on the mountain especially when it’s cold outside?

    My answer would be: By rocking that jacket and beanie! I shred up in Vernon, NJ at LEAST once a week, and that ensemble would def turn heads on the mountain. Burton’s gear is on point and who doesn’t love MTTM?

  15. What’s your secret to looking fly when its cold outside? Rocking that jacket and beanie! lol But until then…

    keeping my head and hands covered up, since a majority of heat comes from your head and hands. I love my touchscreen gloves that I can keep on while I use my iphone outdoors and my faux fur russian beanie that keeps my head warm and fly. And when it’s really cold outside I stick hand warmers in my jacket pockets and sometimes in my knee high boots.

  16. What’s your secret to looking fly when its cold outside?
    rocking that beanine and jacket lol but until then…

    i try to keep my head and hands covered when i’m outside, since most of the heat escapes from those parts. i love my touch gloves that i can keep on while i use my iphone outdoors and my faux fur russian beanie that keeps my head warm and fly! when it gets really cold i stuff hand warmers in my pockets and knee high boots.

  17. Christina Foster, Oskaloosa, KS

    Since Kansas is bi-polar, I love to rock the cold weather by wearing a cute guy slim white tee, black short shorts over leopard tights to make a statement, and a pea coat jacket, and last but not least fuzzy mittens and a matching beanie.

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