It turns out these shoes will be released but only 1,500 pairs, all up for auction on eBay! Bidding starts tonight and will last until September 18th, unfortunately no power lacing, but it will light up and stay lit for 4-5 hours, before it needs recharging. The net proceeds will be directly going to the Michael  J. Fox Foundation.


Bid for them here. One is going for 75K at the moment.

The Internet this morning has been buzzing like crazy about Nike’s possible release of the Air Mag. These shoes are better known from the movie “Back to the Future II,” in the film they were self tying, and in 2009 Nike obtained a patent for a self-tying design.  Below is the video that surfaced and sparked the buzz today.

In addition to the video, Nike invited Matt Halfhill of Nice Kicks, for “a big announcement,” Halfhill posted some pictures on Nice Kicks’ web site, everything Back to the Future themed. It is expected that more details/info or a confirmation of this is to be revealed tonight. Can we have our hover boards now?