Nisei Showoff- Little Tokyo Coverage


Every year i went to nisei its usually BLAZING hott but Saturday was not badd at all. This weekend Some of the Norcal Fatlace crew came down to hang out have fun & one of our stops was the Nisei Showoff Carshow. This is one of the BEST So-Cal Car events in my opinion and what everyone waits for every year…. Very cool event and i believe it was the crews first time 🙂

PLENTYYYY sick rides. Some familiar rides & some new wowoweeeewowowwwws..

let me take you on my short tour 🙂

7 People in my frontier, As you can see we’re a happy uncomfortable bunch 😛

This is one of those wowoweeewowow i was talking about, very niceeee

Also Did some Approving while we where there 🙂

Leslie thumbs upping Alex’s S2K and his new wheel set up…

Max is a Supra Fan Boy…. He was really saying Supraaaaaaaaaaa

Heres one of the rides i featured a while back

This is my hommies Nicul New VW CC… and he is KILLING it!! to many hotss

This FC caught my eye, broke my neck & caused a traffic behind me…. *thumbs up*

Home boy Minh is300… purple wheels… caught my attention
i love purple

Bowls x Standard Functions came out to play too 🙂 Oh expect a coverage of standard functions soon 😉

Devons IS250… another big feature on HF… check out his back window… i stuck the last sticker hahaha

And another featured ride! Sean350z

O Hai Milt!

O Hai Josh!

O Hai Joey from, i walked into the show turned my head to the left turned back to the right and i saw him holding my camera taking pictures of himself and clicking my camera away haha…. this is one of the 134123 shots 😛 Check out his Blog for you Honda Lovers…. *thumbs up*

This is Ron From Supastars Taco(ma), this was getting a lot of buzz at the show…. Ron in my opinion has been one of the innovators in the car world and always bringing something new to show. Like it or not this thing is SICK… i believe sitting on weds

Everyone knows this car, This is one of the cars that set the standards on fitment… Phaze2EG Arnelll<3 also one of the many cars showing on TheChronicals Lineup

Tonys NSX

Big Mikes Prelude

Salems TSX

Autofashion USA *thumbs up*

Anways it was a long day as you can see i can probably go one for days…. but ill leave it at this 😛 If you missed it this year and the last year and the last year before that and before these last 3 years… you must check out this show…. and finish off your day w some Yogurt land

NOMNOMNOMNOM Enjoy the rest of the shots! 😀



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  1. remember how bummed Max was when he couldn’t make it to the HF BBQ? Multiply that by 10x and thats how I feel about not being able to make it down with the rest of the Nor Cal crew…

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