I am not executing Rob (yet).  This is a fantastic Halloween decoration set up I saw on my way to an opening at Blythe projects.

Funny enough, as a costume designer, you would think I may like Halloween, however, I really hate it.  I don’t mind helping you dress – but for me it’s not my thing.  Also,  only in LA, the land of make believe, does Halloween last for a week.  anything for out of work actors to dress up and perform!!  BUT, I must say, I enjoyed this haunted house!

We’re here!!

At the door, I was greeted by Torrie wearing a mask representing (i think she said) the moon!?  Perfect for the lovely young film maker.

Displayed were Masks created by Bonita Helmer’s ‘Principles of Abstraction’ class at OTIS were handed out to guests

Ben White and Larry Mullin’s – Two artists.  Are they critiquing each other?

Ben White ‘The Beheading of St. John the Baptist at Six Flags Great America – What?

Larry Mullins ‘Room 23C’, 2009  oil & mixed media on panel  2009  (Larry still won’t say what happened in Room 23C)

Rob’s inner thoughts are melting the painting.

Hillary has this funky vintage looking little red book with Cartier inscribed on the front.  YUMMY!!!

This little book I loved.  It clearly illustrates the dichotomy of life.  Do we heal our wounds with a 150K diamond watch or through a spiritual venture?  Hard to choose some days.

Socially networking, Seth Carmichael (owner of Carmichael Contemporary), Hillary Metz and  Anna S. do there thing.   Go see Hillary’s show.  You will love it.  It’s No – Boo


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