#OFFSETKINGS at Formula Drift: Street’s of Long Beach.


Hello my friends, sorry for a very late post. I’ve been super backed up at my new job and been meaning to post this up as soon as I could. Things have been well, later in the post I will mention that I accepted a job over at Falken Tire and I’ve been loving every day of it! Very blessed with this awesome opportunity and thankful for everything Mark Arcenal and the Fatlace family has done for me in the past. Though I won’t be posting much here as I used to, I’ll be back from time to time posting some of my personal work and adventures in the coming weeks. Though if you really want to follow me, follow me on @YogiFatlace on IG. But until next time, Cheers mi familia! Be well and see you around. Don’t be shy to say hi!



So! It’s was that time of year again my friends. The loud roar of motor’s echoing throughout downtown Long Beach, the fresh smell of burning rubbing in the air, with a beautiful side of that sunny southern California breeze. The event was sold out, the bleachers were over capacity and foot traffic was simply wild. It was an amazing event and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Truth be told, this particular event is actually my absolute favorite, the one I look forward to most. People know this event as, “the start of show and race season”. But for me it’s a time I get to catch up with my long lost friends visiting from all around the world. In the last five consecutive years I’ve attended Formula Drift, I’ve made a lot of great friends through this event, some of them I now consider family. So it’s great to small talk to those you haven’t seen in ages. Also, if I’m correct, this mark’s my 5th anniversary since I joined the Fatlace family! Boy does time fly by when you’re having fun. Though I haven’t been posting so much lately, which I do apologize. But once again, I may be taking a leap of absents for quite some time. I just accepted a job over at Falken Tire last weekend and actually my first day is tomorrow, haha. And from the looks of it, I’ll be tied down for the next few months settling into my new environment. But I’ll be back soon enough! Wish me luck.

To everyone that attended and participated in the #OFFSETKINGS showcase last weekend, we thank you and love you for all your support. As I said, the OffsetKings showcase is now around five year’s old and without you guys, this event wouldn’t be anything. We hope to come back every event bigger and better :). We’ll see you guys at the next show.

Now for the visual’s.


Illest driver Charles Ng ripping through that first corner giving chase. 

KSS_8317Pat Mordaunt returning to the starting line for the 2nd run.
Now for my Falken tire plug 😉 hahahaha. But really, I wonder who put that banner up on that condo?


My partner in crime, Mr. Andy Von Wong. That Andy, so hot right now. Andy.

During a pause in drifting, the guy with the fanny pack on the far right started a wave, with the help of Jarod helping him count down.


Yokoi tapping on the 2nd turn with his bumper hanging on for it’s dear life.


Aasbo giving a great fight. Aasbo ending up advancing.



The car going against Denofa was having some problem’s and kept shutting down on both of it’s runs. But the show must go on!  Denofa  being a class act and doing some Manji’s the whole way to the finishing line to entertain the crowd.


My friend and crowd favorite, Ken Gushi. In his 2J powered Rocketbunny FRS. No matter what, I’m always rooting for him.



Half time! top 32 ended and traffic poured over to the Offset Kings showcase.

Mr. Jonathan Wong of Driving Line was in the house.


Hayle Cayaga visiting with Joey Lee photo bombing.



SSA x Autofashion Rocket Bunny NSX.



Bisimoto 1000hp Oddysey over at the Turbonetics booth.



Yukoi’s team cleaning some of the cars battle scars and applying fresh new tire stickers.

KSS_8438One of my other favorite drivers and always happy to call him my friend, Matt Field. He ended up taking 4th overall and I’m super proud of this guy!

KSS_8435 KSS_8436
Fresh tire dust on his fresh new Rotiform’s.

Visiting my friends over at the DNA motoring trailer. Nissan S14 driven by Jeff Jones.


Ran into Mad Mike in the paddock area. I believe he’s making his return in Atlanta with his 20B powered Miata. Can’t wait to see him back in FD :)!
Our friend, Dai Yoshihara’s FRS over at the Falken Camp. Go Team Falken!

Mr. Big Steve applying some fresh Falken Tire Stickers to Dai’s ride.

OMG. Jon Sibal Spotting! with one of his friends.. I think it’s JR Rideva? something like that. But omg! Jon Sibal! #Iknowjonsibal. Haha (Inside joke)
Dai making his way back out to the tarmac.

Airlift RocketBunny E36.

Caught my friend’s Tetsuya Yamaguchi and Ryo Hara enjoying their time at the Paddock.

Chris Chan (left) and Nimo (right) having the time of their lives.


Oh hi Matt Field.
How you doin. 😉
Robbie Nishida waving to the fan’s along side with Arley Elizabeth (@ARRRRLZ)
Hello Ladies! Arley Elizabeth & Miranda Hayes showing me some of their pearly whites.

Top 16 about to get underway.

Vaughn Gittin Jr about to Demo a new Ford Truck.



Well, It was new.

Mr. Bill Baldwin. I was happy to see our friend happy and healthy in his normal spot. He recently went under the knife and looks like he’s recovered very well from his heart surgery. It’s not Formula Drift if Billy isn’t there!
That Andy, So hot right now. Andy…


Rob of Crooks&Castle’s Ferrari 458 Italia with the Liberty Walk Aero. Looking mighty fine with those custom Floss_Design’s BBS Mesh.


As I said, packed out.


Mark was able to group California’s group of RWB Porsches. It’s already rare to see one, but 5 in one spot?! What a treat.


Our guest, Phaze2 Noel’s Supercharged Varis FRS.

Another special guest, Phaze2HeyMikeyyyy with his #UnicornDC2

Under the hood of Mikey’s Integra, or well… under the sun I suppose. So clean the valve cover almost looks white from the blue sky.
Phaze2Mizzark and his Airrex Equiped M5
Mr Floss Design himself.


My buddy Brian (ItsJustBrian) doing what he does best.

The latest and greatest to come out of the of Mr Nakai San’s hands, Darren aka Creaminz RWB Porsche, aka Project SealingWax

John Tran aka Dep Trai Boi’s Hyundai Genesis sitting on VIP Modular’s.
StyleOverPolitics Jim’s VIP Prius.

KSS_8550 KSS_8552
A beautifully built E30 coupe w/ a nicley swapped M motor.

Casey’s Toyota Cressida, Bozu Style.
A awesome drift FC.

A couple slammed Subaru’s from Royal Flush.

Wilber and his friends from iAcrophobia.

RoyalFlush 2nd gen GS.

StreetFaction engine covers are growing on me. My buddy Jesse also has a set on his LS430 and I may hit up the boys to maybe even do it to my GS430.
KSS_8564A very classy Porsche aired down on BBS mesh.
Jim Le from Buddha Concept Design’s custom Widebody and RHD FC3S in front of the Fatlace camp.


Along side the FC was the Rotiform A7.

KSS_8582This car ended up winning best of show, like… he won the drifting and the car show.
Just kidding, this is my car. It won nothing :(, Haha.


Another shot of RobTheCrook’s 458.


Arnel Benitez aka DJ A1 (kinda like the sauce) providing the tune’s at the Fatlace Booth. Elroy from AutoFashionUSA kickin’ it besides him. 

Birthday boy Abbitt Wilkerson aka AWFILMS in attendance.

The awards ceremony about to begin.
But first, free shit.

Another shot of the Buddha Paint FC3s
It was a long day, as you can see by “Sleeping Beauty Mitch”.

Sam Du of SuperStreet and Mark Arcenal.

Rob fashionably late and fashionably making an exit.
Mark Arcenal, Ummm, guy from Junopower (sorry dont know your name) & JennQ. But first, let me take a selfie… Groupie… SelfGroupie? I dont know.


The day was over and the crowd on their way out.


Mark Arcenal chopping it up with RJ Devera from Meguires.

Phaze2 x LTMW guys helping load Project Sealing Wax.


This car literally fit by no more than half a centemeter on each side. VERY scary and tight fit.


Don’t you love it when your girlfriend shows up in her Rocket Bunny NSX so you can say hi to each other! Oh in a perfect world, haha.

KSS_8665Now to end this post with Ms. Jenn Q soaking up that last bit of Cali sun. Hope everyone enjoyed this post, be well, take care and see you guys around!.


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