17 Jan 2012

Case in point: Vegas…

CES aka Consumer Electronics Show 2012 has come & gone Jan 10th -13th, I went, I saw & conquered… It happens every year in Vegas where the Vegas Convention Center is flooded with the latest & greatest gadgets, electronics & accesories… INCIPIO has been a great partner/supporter of mine over

17 Jan 2012


The battle for sound supremacy has begun. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been to both the AGENDA tradeshow and CES and its apparent the emerging product coming to the forefront of both the fashion and electronic world are headphones. One company that has stood out with their product offerings

17 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 6

Today was a relaxing day and filled with tons of shopping. I cant wait to get back to the states and post up what we all bought in Japan. I am not ready to leave this place AT ALL. Japan i love you!

17 Jan 2012

Panamera in Japan

I’ve never been a big fan of Panamera’s but over the years, theyve grown on me. Spotted this Panamera in Japan. Crazy fresh.

16 Jan 2012

Meanwhile, in New Zealand…

Hey guys! I guess it would be a good idea to kick things off with a bit of an introduction, so here goes. Following up on Yogi’s warm welcome, my name is Taryn and I live in New Zealand. I know a lot of people reading this probably won’t know

16 Jan 2012

Do it in the dirt, snow & jumps!

When my family & I headed to Utah a few weeks ago we needed some new rubber aka tires underneath our Nissan Armada… The Falken Tire Wild Peak A/T was our rubber of choice… I had to head up see EVB & the homies at Discount Tire Direct to get

15 Jan 2012

Japan: Day 5

Today was the last day of Tokyo Auto Salon. Today we mainly kicked back around the booth and just really enjoyed it. As much as mark hates giving autographs he can never turn them down. Its not because he doesn’t like giving them but he hates the attention. After the

14 Jan 2012

RWB x Fatlace x Motorhead Magazine Japan

Recently we were documented by the Motorhead Magazine as we did our voyage to Las Vegas to display 3 RWB cars at the yearly and infamous Sema Show. If you have access to that magazine, pick up a copy. There’s tons of great articles including a feature on the infamous