15 Jun 2012

Mac Mall & Rappin’ 4-Tay @ Mezzanine

People love bumping uglies on the month of October. That’s my scientific explanation in why I think so many people are born on the month of June (me included). Maybe it’s all that candy that fogs people’s brain from Halloween. Who really knows. Kind of a funny premise to know

14 Jun 2012

The Illest Summer, 2012

With a release set for tomorrow, here’s a few photos from our Summer 2012 tees & tanks line shot in the sweltering heat of Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks to Brian, Jon and Neek for directing the shoot. The Illest Summer, available tomorrow Online |

14 Jun 2012

Ace’s Porsche 996 Forest Running

I usually don’t get that many email submissions for a feature on this site, but when I do it’s usually something real sick like Ace’s Porsche 996. You’re probably use to seeing alot of wide body RWB builds from us, so this mild modded 911 should bring a new breathe of fresh air.

13 Jun 2012

A Generation On It’s Way Out

  As the m3’s evolve through each generation, we cant seem to forget the old one. The E30 M3 generation is already extinct while the E36 M3 is slowly working its way there. There are fewer and fewer clean E36 M3’s out there. Clean was the word Eric Schultz had

13 Jun 2012

Uncapped with Rick Ross – vitaminwater® – fader

    We, as in Lara Bandler, Thuy Nguyen, Jeah Perlata, Kari Caden, and I walked down, from the house in the hills, to the vitaminwater® – FADER Magazine party.  I must say it was pulling teeth to get the girls to walk 200 yards.  I think the comment was

13 Jun 2012

David’s G35 Sedan

Just another day hanging out with Jordan, Alan, Vincent and David. But,  this time got to see David Thai’s 2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan. Took the time to highlight David’s car to show how beautiful it was.  Enjoy. FatlaceTV – David Thai G35 Sedan from Shavi Wijegunaratne on Vimeo. Also on

12 Jun 2012

New Products: Illest Circle Rug & More

Ill Circle Rug giving your room that fresh feng shui and keeping your feet comfy. And also new to the online store are our Illest SF tees, normally available exclusively in our SF store.