20 May 2012

Hellaflush Kansai Thank You

First off, I would like to thank everyone for being so patient with going to the event. We had no idea Central Circuit didnt have parking that couldnt host our event. We apologize to those that waited for hours to come in as well as turned around cause you couldn’t

20 May 2012

Classic tin

In the tuning world, radical and wild aero, loud paint and bling are something that comes as ‘that optional extra’.  Not many of us remember but all these things used to come standard on certain whips.  When a tidy Impala cruises past everyone sits up and takes notice, it just

19 May 2012

Hella Flush Kansai pt. 1

Mark put together Hella Flush Kansai and brought me, Max, and Yu. Its been mad hectic out here but fun! Im trying to play catch up on the blog, and being as busy as we are its hard to keep up. Im running a day behind so here are photos

18 May 2012

Cloud VI

I met Ryan a couple weeks ago at a local car show and after talking for a bit I found out he was form VA beach; memories of huge potholes and terrible driving conditions suddenly came back to me from when I drove down for the first Wrong Fitment Crew

17 May 2012

Redi Listening Event Recap

Last night the group Redi invited me out to their listening event at Soho House in Hollywood with the homey DJ Reflex hosting the music for the evening. An event of this caliber required that I have the proper ride and after delivery of a new 2013 Lexus GS350 F

17 May 2012

Throwback Thursday – Kirk Williams’ VW MKII GTI

Let this post take you back to 1991…when the Internet went mainstream, when Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson faced off in the NBA Finals, when Tupac started his rise to the top of the rap game…when Kirk Williams’ VW MKII GTI was born.  Surely it didn’t look this amazing for

16 May 2012

Slammed Society Showcase: Palm Beach FL

Next stop on the Formula D tour and the Slammed Society Showcase is Palm Beach in Florida. Registration for Palm Beach is now open. Just as a reminder, two FD tickets are included with each car registered. Also, early entries will receive an additional discount. If you are part of