20 Aug 2011

STAGE 1: Phase 3 ‘Rocker arms/valve springs and head Install’

Okay folks sorry for the late updates but here they are.. Enjoy.. STAGE 1: Phase 3 ‘rocker arms/valve springs/ head Install’ Beer of choice this week is DogFish Head again but their Raison D’Etre. A deep, mahogany Belgian-style brown ale brewed with beet sugar, raisins, and Belgian-style yeast. Man I

19 Aug 2011

Just Because.

I thought I’d shoot the car since it’s been out of commission after breaking the transmission at Sonoma Drift 2 weeks ago. It’s now got new axles able to handle 650hp and has a new blitz single stage clutch. I’m hoping to soon change over to a Z33 transmission converting

19 Aug 2011

Fore, hiya, One Goal…

Went golfing… My buddies Marc and Dave… Marco… Btw that’s a practice swing, I know hes way off the ball… My son got his green belt… Alpinestars hooked up some more goodies including a rad AStars cooler bag, yeah a cooler bag + their super ultra rad HD Boardshorts +

18 Aug 2011

Bike Fork Bottle Opener

Created by freelance designer Evan Hawkins,  A bike fork uniquely reconstructed as a bottle opener. Too cool. Why didn’t I think of this! (via EH84’s etsy)

18 Aug 2011

Exclusive Interview | Nakai / RWB

We spends two days living and breathing RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF from morning to midnight. Nakai-San from RWB creates some of the most unique Porsches in the world, this film captures the heart and soul of RWB, a Japanese based workshop that has been in business for 15 years. A unique style

18 Aug 2011

Flashback: Boogie Down Productions

I think very deeply… Loved the lyrics Boogie Down Productions and til today it speaks the truth. My philosophy was one of those songs that got me pumped everytime I played it at a gig. About BDP. Boogie Down Productions was a hip hop group that was originally composed of

18 Aug 2011

Who’s In Store: Rodney and Eric

Thanks for stopping by Rodney and Eric from Lincoln, NE!

18 Aug 2011

Anarchy x Remote Wakeskates Status Sunglasses

I’ve had my fair share of trips to the lake and river, mostly to relax and have a few beers with friends. But one water activity that I would love to get into is wakeskating. The speed and challenges of wakeboarding mixed with the creativity and freedom of skating. From