18 Oct 2011

Monster Million to Phoenix Science & Pizza….

Headed out to Vegas this past Saturday for the Monster Energy Cup 1 Million dollars winner takes all motocross race. I was out there MC’ing for Vaughn Gittin Jr & Justin Pawlak tearing up some Ford Mustangs on Falken Tires, pounding Monsters for the fans… Literally flew in & out

18 Oct 2011

STAGE 4: Phase 1 ‘The start of something great “tube chassis”‘

This week we have Blue Moons Pumpkin ale, pretty smooth beer, just like there origanl beer. So mid week you guys got a little teaser of my car on the trailer, so I guess I will start off from there. Loaded the car up, which was not easy due to

18 Oct 2011

Formula 1 Suzuka 2012

Got the invite from Kent over at Enkei to check out Suzuka for F1 so we hopped on the Shinkansen and a few hours later we were at Nagoya for some F1. Sorry so being so biased on these photos but I’m a Mclaren dude and they use Enkei’s on

17 Oct 2011


While I was away in Japan, Forza sent us a little present. Though this is a bit late to post, it is quite awesome to receive the game early. Thanks to the team over there we now have another awesome game to play during our downtime at the paddock. Review

17 Oct 2011

Japan Trip | Part 2

Here is part 2 of my photos from Japan.  It mostly contains car photos due to the fact these were taken the day of Hella Flush Fuji Speedway which was a huge success!  ENJOY!      

17 Oct 2011

Japan Life: Cerulean Tower

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, right? On the last night of my third Tokyo trip this year, I used some miles to relax in the Cerulean Tower in the heart of Shibuya. Thankfully its not so far to the stores or the JR line cause it was raining this

17 Oct 2011

Slammed Society Showcase Irwindale Winners

Better late than never! Here are our winners from the Slammed Society Showcase at Formula D Irwindale. VIP Time Attack Slammed Society Muscle/Classic Drift

17 Oct 2011

Daily Driven Static GLI

Recently I had the chance to catch up with one of my friend, Craig. He was telling me that he was about to do a major overhaul on his VW. Suspension, Wheels, ect ect. So I meet up with him to do a quick shoot before he started his build.