08 Oct 2011

HFJP Honda’s

So here’s a small post of some of the honda’s that were at Hellaflush Japan show at Fuji Speedway. Thanks again to everyone who made it out. There were a ton more but these were the first ones I saw while scanning my photos. More to be posted soon..

08 Oct 2011

Team Fatlace: Final Fight @ Irwindale Qualifying

This weekend will mark the end of the 2011 Formula Drift season at Irwindale. Our Fatlace sponsored drivers Matt Field and Walker Wilkerson had awesome practice and qualifying runs all day. Walker Wilkerson qualified 7th with a high score of 83.3 and Matt Field qualified 17th with a high score

04 Oct 2011

Shimogamo sushi, PJ, Pumpkin brew & Sean Smith Designs

Sushi rips! I love sushi! My favorite sushi spot in the world is Sushi on The Rock in La Jolla, ripping! But unfortunately I live in Arizona, well sushi has been good, decent and sometimes lack luster UNTIL NOW!!!!!! Shimogamo in Chandler, AZ is awesome, great feel, vibe, and the

03 Oct 2011

HMV/Tower Records Japan

Shout out to Japan for showing us a lot of love for Teeko’s “Light Up The Darkness” album. I didn’t know that Tower Records still existed but we’re very happy to know that the album is currently being featured, along with Elzhi’s and Exile/Blu’s album. Hopefully we can setup Mellow Orange Japan

03 Oct 2011

RECARO: Bucky Lasek Video

The ID Agency recently completed a project that features a few recognizable athletes and drivers that use RECARO including pro skateboarder Bucky Lasek, BMX legend and Rally driver Dave Mirra, and Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg. The first video in the series was released featuring Bucky and his daily driven

03 Oct 2011

Fire Truck.. Save me.

I still havent had a chance to sort thru all my photos but Id like to spotlight this little red firetruck wagon. Such a cool wagon that captured me the entire time at our Hellaflush Event. The driver was such a good sport, wore his firetruck outfit, and had a

03 Oct 2011

Sunday Afternoons

I have been obsessing Coke Cola from McDonalds lately.. They have the right amount of syrup and just taste damn good.I suggest you go grab one, considering a Large size is only a Dollar. Sunkist Orange and I spent the day going to spots on the NW section of Sin

02 Oct 2011

Hellaflush Japan

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who made it to the event. So sorry for the late update but we’ve been driving and finally have made it to Tokyo. I’ll be posting up lots of photos from the event in a few different posts so keep checking back.