16 Nov 2011

Holiday Fitted

    The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’ll soon be time for merry-making, celebrating and partying…oh my!  I’m taking stock of my closet and making sure I’m on my A++ game for the season.  Here’s a peek at some of my goods.   VINTAGE FUR Yes, it’s real. 

14 Nov 2011

Fatlace Winter Warehouse Sale

It’s out with old and in with the new! The year is closing up and we need more room for our upcoming seasons for 2012! We’ll be having a sale with discounts on all apparel prior to our current season. Discounts marking things to at least 50% off!  We’ll also be

Picture 12
14 Nov 2011

Lexus LFA #003

Recently my friend Zak Kerbelis had the opportunity to shoot a Lexus LFA at Road Atlanta. Most people who own the Lexus LFA will keep them in there garages and have them trailered everywhere. Not the owner of this one. He has tracked his LFA quit a few times now.

14 Nov 2011

RWB Pandora One

The internet is funny. You can get info about practically anything and everything and that information can either be true or twisted. One thing I know for sure is that you really shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear on the interwebs until you hear it from the person itself…

13 Nov 2011

STAGE 4: Phase 4 ‘”Cage work and some part love”‘

STAGE 4: Phase 4 ‘”Cage work and some part love”‘ Beer of choice this week is Stone Brewery: ‘Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale’. I personally love almost anything from Stone Brewery so kind of bias when it comes to them.. But this beer is really good, has a strong bitter taste,

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12 Nov 2011

Tim Lincecum Signed Watch Case Raffle Winner

A big congratulation to David for winning our raffle for a one of a kind Meister watch case signed by the man himself, Tim Lincecum & a big thank you for everyone who came in yesterday and waited in line to purchase one of these limited watches. We sold out within minutes!

12 Nov 2011

The illest G-Shock

In just a few weeks, illest will be releasing the first ever illest G-Shock. The collaboration uses the 6900 G-Shock in a distinct tiffany and safari colorway. This very limited run of the illest G-Shock will only be available thru our San Francisco Location, Los Angeles Location, Illest retailers around

11 Nov 2011

Go Green

So a few of the FTLC crew headed out to Infineon Raceway in Sonoma this afternoon for The Global Time Attack Event. I am sure Mark has been impatiently waiting for this day, especially after the completion of the build and a crazy week at SEMA. We arrived a little