02 Oct 2011

Hellaflush Japan

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who made it to the event. So sorry for the late update but we’ve been driving and finally have made it to Tokyo. I’ll be posting up lots of photos from the event in a few different posts so keep checking back.

01 Oct 2011

Sema Project | RWB Porsches

We recently visited our friends at TNT in Sacramento who’s working on our RWB Builds. Here’s some photos of the Fatlace 964 and the Hoonigan 965. Both Turbo cars about to be even more awesome.

01 Oct 2011

Question featured in 9MM Earphones PV by MUNITIO.

Question, the DJ and producer with Analogue Studies and Mellow Orange Music, gives the lowdown on MUNITIO earphone styling and sound performance for any genre of music. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf76wdwl15E&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube]     I also like the bullet shell look on these ear buds… Also comes in silver.

photo 1 copy
01 Oct 2011

Fatlace Japantown: Who’s In Store – Joey, Marques & Derek

This past week we had some great supporters come by and chopped it up a bit. Joey & Marques from Anitoch who as true supporters both got an illest tattoo which is encouraging myself to get one and Derek from Pittsburgh who’s been in the drift game for the longest

01 Oct 2011

Fatlace Japantown: Who’s In Store?

This past week we got a nice visit from two professional yoyo players, Ann Connolly and Yuuki Spencer. They both came out for a little vacation and for the National Yoyo Contest held this saturday at Chico. I got a chance to make this little video of them two. Hope

30 Sep 2011

Eat Real Festival 2011 @ Jack London Square

Looking back on Saturday, all I can recall is FOOD. We started our day at Peter’s Bakery in San Jose (who have the best burnt almond cakes and pastries, BTW), then to Jack London Square for the Eat Real Festival. The great thing about going on this particular day was

29 Sep 2011

Monster Energy 350z

We have been following the build of Monster Energy drifter Rob Whyte, as he and his team created their ultimate 350z. If you missed the start of the story, you can check them out here: Part 1 and Part 2. The build is finally complete and here is a look

29 Sep 2011

Forza4 Exclusive Game Play

Hey guy! Recently we got a special invite from our friends over at the ID Agency.  We had the chance for an advanced game play of the new Forza Sequel before it hit shelves in October. Kinda cool to be some of the first to touch this game I’ll be