18 Nov 2011

Jimmy O’s Static Q45

I had the pleasure of running into Jimmy Ounvongsa this weekend at a Canibeat BBQ when he rolled in late with his static, wide, Q45. The car hovered as it rolled in through the fallen leaves on its insane -8 degree front and -10 degree rear camber. No need for

18 Nov 2011

I can’t believe I get paid to do this…

I’m so blessed I get to do this for a living, travel, MC, surround myself with great people, brands, companies, products, fun and all of it is just a blessing… Check out my last kind of week in a nutshell… Headed to Vegas for the Toyota World Convention, this is

17 Nov 2011

I Am Not A Human Being

When I am on the bus going to work, I kind of always put on a slight retard gaze. You know, where you kind of portentously stare in one direction but in reality, you are looking in another direction. It’s kind of a hidden perverted skill where you are keeping

16 Nov 2011

Fun in Fenix on Friday w/ Joe

I live in AZ aka Arizona and in the Phoenix area pronounced Fenix… Well last Friday, Nov 11 My friend and restauranteur Joe Johnston follow him on twitter he’s always on the go, great dude, took me around to some of his favorite spots in downtown PHX… Man Date is

16 Nov 2011

Fast Forward at 1:AM Art Gallery

It is an exciting time for the graffiti scene. Walls are being taken down and boundaries are being pushed beyond their limits… This evolution is fusing old with new school, graffiti with fine art. An innovative and fresh art form is emerging that has collectors and fans asking for more.

16 Nov 2011

Holiday Fitted

    The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’ll soon be time for merry-making, celebrating and partying…oh my!  I’m taking stock of my closet and making sure I’m on my A++ game for the season.  Here’s a peek at some of my goods.   VINTAGE FUR Yes, it’s real. 

14 Nov 2011

Fatlace Winter Warehouse Sale

It’s out with old and in with the new! The year is closing up and we need more room for our upcoming seasons for 2012! We’ll be having a sale with discounts on all apparel prior to our current season. Discounts marking things to at least 50% off!  We’ll also be

Picture 12
14 Nov 2011

Lexus LFA #003

Recently my friend Zak Kerbelis had the opportunity to shoot a Lexus LFA at Road Atlanta. Most people who own the Lexus LFA will keep them in there garages and have them trailered everywhere. Not the owner of this one. He has tracked his LFA quit a few times now.