08 Jun 2012

WEKFEST 2012, part II

  ok now where was I? oh yea, part deuce of WEKFEST’s coverage from this past saturday in Long Beach. BTW i just noticed, so many car shows happened in the past couple months in the same area. This year is definiely full of car shows but you know of

07 Jun 2012

Wuste 2012

It’s Friday afternoon and I have 3 more hours before I’m off work. Nothing really to look forward to this weekend other than relaxing, so I wasn’t in any hurry. Then Mark asks me, “Hey, wanna bring the RWB to a car show in Vegas?” I tell him sure and

Screen shot 2012-06-07 at 3.59.20 PM
07 Jun 2012

BBoys Rockin The Floor Over At Illest Los Angeles!

Had a visit from my good friends Panda & Guillotine over at Illest Los Angeles. Filming in store & giving our customers a little show in store! Thanks for coming by guys! ‘  

07 Jun 2012

Sand One – female graffiti artist, paints LA

Somewhere in downtown LA, around the corner from the american cement building, there is a park with a lovely fountain and a man made lake.  But don’t be fooled by its beauty.  There is all kind of mysterious things happening around here. What’s that saying “Don’t step on a crack

07 Jun 2012

WEKFEST 2012, part 1

I finally made some time to edit photos from Wekfest so here’s my share of event coverage, part 1: Tony Yu’s Infiniti Y33 with K-Break aero, and rebarreled OG Work Rezax wheels. Stay tuned for his upcoming feature. JP Gonzales and his 1977 Toyota Cressida with “rebarreled again”, BBS’s and

06 Jun 2012


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a trip up to Boston, MA to shoot one of my dream cars, a RWB Porsche 993. The moment I layed my eyes on Evan’s(owner) 993 I was speechless. I slowly walked around the car in awe. The first thing

1st Fridays 68
05 Jun 2012

The Biggity Biggity O

I’ve been hitting the First Friday scene in Oakland for a good year now.  And I gotta say, last week’s First Friday was THE most crackingest.  Everywhere…from food trucks, galleries, the streets, alleys and the bars…packed!  Walkin on the sidewalks…fuggedaboudit.  We had to bypass along with moving cars on Telegraph.