16 Mar 2015

SkyCaliber Waterslide at ACTION PARK

Whats stands 90 feet tall, has a 45 foot vertical drop, a 30 foot loop, and will make riders travel 50 miles per hour. You probably wouldn’t have guessed a waterslide, but if you did…more power to you! Opening in 2016. The infamous Action Park in Vernon Valley NJ may

15 Mar 2015

Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Review

Each year more portable bluetooth speakers are introduced into the marketplace. From the fashion forward to the specific each functional and serves a purpose. The Fugoo provides multiple options for your single speaker. This versatile bluetooth speaker comes with one external jacket with two other jacket options available to change

13 Mar 2015


Head on over to our Illest Instagram account and show us WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG?! Follow @illest on Instagram, post a photo of your bag and its contents, & use the tag ‪#‎illestgivesback‬! A lucky winner will get an Illest Duffle Bag! Visit for more information.

13 Mar 2015

Same City, Different Vantage Point

I felt like the view from the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence deserved it’s own post, so you get two gems for the price of one this week. Consider it in the spirit of #FlashbackFriday! Situated at the heart of the city, this ancient fortress/ palace/ guard-tower not only has incredible

13 Mar 2015

My Formula One Experience

As many of you know I’ve followed Formula One for many many years now. I stay up late nights and wake up very early to catch each practice and qualifying. I watch the race on my computer, the tv, and follow everything on the F1 app on my iphone. To

12 Mar 2015

Aloha PNW Part 2 – Car Culture

A little over three weeks ago, we said farewell to our island paradise to embark on our next adventure in a new world called the Pacific Northwest. While it was our first time ever in this part of the mainland, we’ve been so productive establishing our roots that we were

12 Mar 2015

Florence (And The Machine)

This completely unrelated headline sounded clever a year ago when I first thought of it, but now I’m just eager to share some flicks from quite possibly my favorite city in Italy. Thanks to my amazing hosts, the Scarpellis (who just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world… congrats

11 Mar 2015

Earned It

Bday shenanigans and striking it lucky with the crew… Cause girl you’re perfect You’re always worth it And you deserve it The way you work it Cause girl you earned it Girl you earned it   Lucky Strike   Happy birthday gurlfriend!!! and many more!