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Hello my friends! Long time no post. Its been a while since I’ve been behind a camera nor have I had free time due to a busy schedule at work, Though last night was an exception. Our good friend and always strong supporter of Fatlace got a very special delivery in the mail direct from AirREX Suspensions. A short wait but probably felt real long for Mark and couldn’t wait for his kit to finally arrive. If you haven’t seen this car in person, the roar alone of this M5 cruising by is already crazy enough, but now staring at it as it sits on the floor even made some of our own jaws drop. After a short and quick install by the Barnum brothers, it was finally time to shoot this bad boy. Before a comment battle goes on about him airing this super car, save it, we know. Blah Blah Blah. He did his research and chose something which he believed is best suitable for his car and that can handle the cars power and performance. But for now save it and  just enjoy this beauty.

To catch more photos of his car follow him via IG at @Phaze2Mizzark

All in one box air management. Easy peezy.

Had to sneak in a little group shot 😉 haha. hope you enjoyed it everyone. Thanks for reading.

Here are a couple of after shoot shots by my good friend Murdok.


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