Rainy night meet in Taiwan

With our friends at Blox Taiwan we decided to throw a small late night car meet (10pm-midnight).  It’s hard to find a place to have meets in Taipei where the police won’t bother you and that is low car friendly. This meet was held on the outskirts of New Taipei City in a district called Linkou. The meet was supposed to be cancelled if it rained but a lot of people came out anyway which was great. On top of that there’s no free large parking lots in Taipei, so everyone basically paid to attend. We’re really grateful to have this community.

video by Psycho Studio

photos by Walk Alone

S236 “nisanroku” goods

Blox showing some of their goods

There’s a whole group who do Banksy pieces on their cars

“Old Stance” these guys throw a lot of good meets

There were a lot of itasha style cars present

Nice Halloween theme!

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