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I finally landed on Japan’s soil after years of dreaming on personally encountering automotive festivities during Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) week. Over the past few years, one of the most awaited events during this “automotive week” is RAUH-Welt Begriff’s New Year Meet.  Every Thursday night before TAS, RWB owners and enthusiasts gather together at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi to celebrate the “Rough World sensation” which blew up from Chiba to basically all parts of the globe.

However, this night was much more special for the brotherhood, this was RWB’s 30th Year Anniversary – making it one of the most meaningful ever.

Check out my 40-photo gallery below.

For 2018, Nakai-San and RWB Japan chose to host the party on a Friday night, making it accessible to guests who flew out early for the event week. The New Year Party plays a vital role in RWB’s calendar as it celebrates the year that was and strengthens the bond of the owners/like-minded for the upcoming year.

The casual car meet, followed by a celebratory dinner allows guests from different countries to share build threads and share stories from Nakai-San and his closest friends. This year, one of the event’s special guests is Max Orido.

Filled with activities and games, RWB Japan gave away die-cast models through a special contest.

Being part of Car Porn Racing Manila (RWB Philippines’ official shop), me, Angie King and Struan Wallace made it to sure to be at the event to meet and bond with several RWB enthusiasts. Above is a photo with Scott (Renown – steering wheels which caters to RWB) and Mark.  Angie and Struan, who arrived in Japan hours before the meet literally just dropped their bags off before heading out to the meet.

The event also allows Partners to share their passion for RWB over a brief introduction – this makes everyone united under its “one Love” motto.

On to the parking lot as I officially lost count..

This night, I lost count on how many RWBs I’ve encountered and took photos of. 26 was my previous count spread out through different features here on Fatlace.

Just in case you are wondering the 26 consists of 2 in Thailand, 10 in Manila (haven’t seen RWB MNL X in person) and 14 in Japan.

Only in Japan and Thailand (I think?), a smooth-fender 964. Again, these cars require two visits from Nakai-San as he lets the putty subside before finalizing the paint.

RWB Pistache was present, a  911R/RS inspired non widebody RWB backdate. Love this thing!

Several non-Porsche cars were spotted in the parking lot. A Lola on Panasport G7s added an “only in Japan vibe” to the meet.

Midway during the meet (meet started off at 730 and ended at 11), a familiar DeTomaso arrived. This was the exact Pantera who arrived  back in 2015 for Offset Kings Fuji.

Seeing the car after 2 years in its tip-top condition was a sight to behold. Do cars in Japan even get old!

With a busy schedule on Auto Salon week, my good friend Takashi Mori helped me get around through Tokyo’s car events. Later that night, Takashi-San brought his infamous ER34 Skyline to the meet before heading out to Daikoku and Tatsumi PA.

Another smooth fender 964 without the traditional banner.

Possibly my favorite RWB that night. A black 964 on Work Brombachers. Build name, please?

An RWB built for Idlers Racing, Ramintra, now sports the ultra-wide “Heavenly” rear fender.


International Division Director of RWB, Toshiya Ichiraku brought out RWB Rough Rhythm.

RWB Adriana, who suffered a crash back in Idlers 2016 was resurrected as the first Heavenly RWB. Today, the race-spec 993 is finished off with a pearl metallic salmon hue.

Battle scars do come in standard for RWB Japan as these cars are also used on the track.

Last year, Peaches broke the internet with a stunning video on social media. For 2018, Intaek Yeo and MKIT RAIN filmed a full-length music video which is bound to debut soon. Trust me, it’s something to look forward too. More on that soon!

As much as I wanted to check out the cars in detail, the 2° weather is quite a challenge in an open parking lot.


(Note that this car is actually painted mint, will be posting a different photo soon, thanks Lightroom)

Another “OG” in the RWB realm, Rauh Passion.

It’s good to lay eyes on another personal favorite, Motomasu Ono’s Mujer Bonita.

RWB Cabo San Lucas?


A regular car in Idlers races is owned by Dr. Obana-San an orthopedic surgeon who named “Oba Bone” as a tribute to his profession.



A nicely done Rubystone Red 964.

Nearly 86 inches wide, look how massive the “Heavenly” fenders are compared to a stock-bodied Miata ND.

A night to remember, not only because of the cars but the deeper story behind each build.

With Stella Artois – Boost on display at Tokyo Auto Salon and more than 20 RWBs present at the meet, not to mention guests from all over the world, RWB surely has an exciting year in-store for everyone. Should I make this meet a yearly habit for me?

I will be leaving you with this photo, a purple and black neon RAUH-Welt Begriff sign – colors that play a vital role in RWB Manila’s foundation. Surely the Manila family has something beneath the lights. So please do watch out for my next RWB story coming in really soon.

Be right back with coverage from Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.



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