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Let me start off by saying, God damn its hot! Like really, its freekin hot. Like mother earth turned on her blow dryer and forgot to turn it off hot. Haha. Sorry, the fat boy in me wanted to get that out. Anyways, In the past year my attendance to car meets and shows has slowly but surely started to fade away. Here in lovely sunny and did I mention hot southern California? the local meets have been… very bland to say the least, Del Taco bland to be precise. I kid you not! There are meets every other day, a car show every other week, the spectators and attendees are getting worse by the month. So I find myself staying my ass home. But! there has been once specific location that I’ve been very keen on visiting and wanted to knock it off my bucket lists on events to visit. And that would be LT MotorWerks over in El Monte.  No meet will ever be perfect, but this meet I genuinely enjoyed, despite the triple digits we’ve been attacked with. This meet felt very mellow and welcoming.  The location was in a large industrial warehouse location which didn’t create much of a frenzy and there was enough space for everybody. Again, there will always be those few who wants to make a little scene here and there and speed off into the Sunset. But again, no meets perfect and everyone carried themselves like adults for the most part.

One thing that made last nights meet a little more interesting and exciting was the release of the newest RWB Porsche to hit the streets. Akira Nakai, owner of the popular RAUH-Welt brand was in attendance. Not only was he there to meet, greet and  mingle. But he was also putting the final touches together to his latest creation for spectators to observe and enjoy. A room full of people surrounded Nakai-San as he he assembled the car piece by piece and bolt by bolt, seeing the master do what he does best. Even with everyone with eyes down his back, he kept a calm and easy demeanor the whole time. I myself, I would of probably checked to see if my crack was showing every 30 seconds. haha.

Anyways, it was a great event, can’t wait for the next one. Great cars and good company.



I arrived right when the sun was coming down, though the heat was still with us 😐

Two beautiful Nissan Skylines parked side by side.

RWB’s Nakai-San mingling with all the spectators

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’ll give it a shot.
I believe it’s a Rocket Bunny BMW E36 equipped with AirRex suspension .

I hope you guys watched the news because the bing wing craze is back and from day one I’ve loved it! Actually it’s been getting really popular again this last year and again its a hit or miss on a lot but I’m a ricer at heart. So I like.

JTran’s Hyundai Genesis

RWB Alumni Mark Arcenal & Brian Scotto of Hoonigans

I believe Brian Scotto’s RWB Porsche was #2 in the USA.

I’m a sucker for really cool placed stickers. It’s a fetish of mine.


Floss Design Porsche GT3

Rob of Crooks & Castle arriving in his latest. I think it’s called an Aventador or something like that. You know, nothing too special. I’ll insert this #sarcasm hashtag here just incase.

Rob and friends




No matter how many cool and different cars you’ve sat in your life. Sitting in this will make even the grumpy cat smile.


Now I take you inside the studio where the Porsche is being assembled. But first, Ferrari Selfie.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 sitting left on the Porsche.

As you can see behind the 458, everyone was crowding around Nakai-San as he does his work.

LTMW Liberty Walk GTR to the right!
Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon in front of them, volleyed and thundered’!

It’s ok if you don’t get it

And the star of the day. Nakai-San’s latest and greatest girl. I don’t actually know the official name for this beauty. As you can see it was quite difficult to grab a photo without someone in the frame.


Making sure everything is perfect.

Collection of nuts and bolts laying besides him. I hope these bolts know they’re part of something big!

Another influential person in the automotive industry, Jon Sibal making small talk with Nakai-San. Jon is responsible for making a lot of the cars you guys see and love go from pencil to digital to real life. Google his name and check out his amazing work. He’s done some RWB renderings in the past.

Probably planning the next big thing. Dun Dun DUNNN!


Mr Seam air equipped Z4 on Superstar Waffe’s

Even Hayle Cayaga in attendance, this must’ve been a good meet.

gorgeous RX-3 parked where no brave man would ever park. Over a speedbump.

Phaze2 Mizzark always fashionably late in his Airrex Equipped M5.

Now here’s another car I haven’t seen in person since his rebuild. Noel Barnum’s Varis Kitted Scion FRS. Mother of god. He also had to show up when nearly signs of light were gone 😐 Excuse me for the poor photo. I had to be very still.

Almost felt like a rap video when I saw this guy rolling doors swung open.

Meet kept going but this old man had to go home and sleep for his 9-5. haha. Good night and enjoy guys.



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  1. Great pictures, i’m curious about the lens you used? it has quite the bokeh.
    it makes the cars really stand out. Hope you can help me out.

    Greetz Rob.

    1. Thanks you. Nikon d800 w 35mm 1.4g. Practically the only lens I shoot with all 365 days of the year hah.

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