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RichG Intro – My Lens to Your Screen

A family man from the Northeast, the Jersey shore is where I currently reside. Collision Industry by trade, my daily grind is damage analysis on wrecked cars at County Line Auto Body.

I Grew up in a motor sports family, with deep roots that originated with my grandfather circle track dirt
racing and continued through sport compact and import drag racing in the mid 90’s all the way to
the current day in Formula Drift with Gardella Racing & the race gurus @CountyLineAB


Along the way I’ve picked up a love for extreme sports, basketball, & cultural art.  I dig  Hip
Hop, Graffiti, DJ’ing (with actual vinyl), fashion, photography, & food. I am a collector of vinyl toys,
sneakers, T-shirts, stickers, good books, and artwork.
This is a recent photo of hip hop legend DJ ERIC B (from ERIC B & RAKIM), signing one of my Technics right inside my kitchen!

I try to make everyday as entertaining as possible, and do my best to document the
journey with photos and video
When I’m not obsessing on all the things I have just mentioned you can usually find me
traveling or watching my son surf on the Jersey Shore. This is my journey please allow me to
give you a little insight through my new blog right here as a part of the Stay Fresh Crew!


Most of all I would like to thank the Fatlace / Illest / Hellaflush / Slammed Society gang (especially Mark Arcenal), for the opportunity to blog on this site! I’ve spent countless hours (over the course of many years) reading the blog posts that have been shared within these walls and it is now an honor and my pleasure to be sharing along side some of these awesome industry people!


this is how I chill from 93 til” -Souls of Mischief 93 til Infiniti


I'm 38 years old and married to a bad-ass woman. I shoot cars (for fun)... Collision Repair & Automotive photography have always been a passion. I graduated in 1993, and since that day I have been focused on creating "the good life" for me and the fam. I'm a co-owner @CountyLineab & you can catch me on instagram @RichGardella

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