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This weekend while attending the SuperStreet x Formula Drift Tech Day over in Irvine, CA.  I ran into my buddy Ernie who happens to be showing his GTR at the OlloClip booth. Soon after I was introduce to, Mark Sweetser – director of sales of Olloclip and got to check out their very nifty product. The Olloclip is a 4-in-1 Lens Solution which slides and attaches right to your phone, giving you wider range of options shooting with your phone’s built in camera. After given a quick demo of the product, I was gifted my very own for my iPhone 6 plus! I tell you, after shooting a whole day with it, its hard to detach it from my phone. It really expands what you can do with your phone’s camera. It may not replace your digital SLR or video cameras, but it sure does beat lugging one around your neck the whole day. Check out this video I took of this family drifting the Razor Crazy Carts using the fish-eye lens and the video slow-mo option on my iPhone 6. Thank you to our friends at OlloClip for the awesomeness!


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