Royal Flush: A Civic With A Twist !


Heres something not a lot of people quite understand. A Civic EK with another front end and why does it say Isuzu?! Is it conversion? what car is it off? what?! Well to get your mind unboggled. Up in Canada and a few other countries they have the Acura EL and/or Honda Domani. Which is exactly the same chasis as the US model Just a different front end & rear end design. In other other countrys they also have the Isuzu Gemini which was basically a Rebadged Honda Civic with again different exterior/interior aesthetics. If you remember a while back before this generation of civic. Honda & Isuzu also shared the same chasis on their early model Rodeo & Passport. Same concept, same car just different styling. Same with their vans like the Odyssey & Oasis. Theres some fun facts for you guys 🙂  The more you know! hehe


Up until I saw Kerry Chau EK Hatchback. I’ve seen a couple Civics with this front end on but if anything rare. Typically you will also find this conversion on a four door EK with a matching rear end. A Buddy of mine had the front/rear conversion and was one of my favorite civics back in the day. The car has since been in storage and put away for another day. Anyways! going on… I’ve seen Kerrys Civic floating around the web and caught it in different events but I just really havent had the time to look at it up and close. This passed weekend I attended was one of the guest Judges at the Import Fashion car show and finally got to see the Civic. The first thing I really admired was that he slapped this front end on a hatchback model. Something I personally haven’t seen anyone do and it was different! I like it a lot. Kerry ended up taking Best JDM over at the show that weekend and it was well deserved.

Kerrys EK hatchback has been by far one of my favorites to feature. Its a very unique look with a lot of nice touches to the car. Lets let the picture explain.

Enjoy Guys!

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  1. If you don’t know what wheels those are, you shouldn’t even be on this website… Hell, you shouldn’t even touch your car with a wrench.

  2. Badass hatch. Looks awesome. Up in Canada people have been doing the el swap on hatches and coupes for over the past 10 years. Don’t see many of them anymore thou.

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