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S2Killin It! Glen Villanueva’s Honda S2000

The usual car enthusiast will find his down time at home or some place with internet access and surf the web for the up and coming car builds and styles. In this case, that’s how i stumbled upon Glen’s S2000 you see here. The usual skimming through Facebook, my buddy posted up some photos from the Norm Reeves Honda annual car show and this car stood out to me. A few weeks go by and another car event came up, giving me the opportunity to meet Glen. Long Beach native and owner of Long Beach Auto Tech, Glen’s S2000 sets the standard on how to have style without gaudiness or overly accessorized mods.

The first thing that caught my eye was his choice of wheels. SSR Varden Sports???  You dont see these  alot nowadays, maybe only in google image search… but which is definitely is a plus in my book. Secondly, the exterior is subtle yet flows with the lines of the car, enhancing the s2000 to be more sporty. And lastly, ive been having a thing for red cars lately and Glen’s is a prime example.

Be on the look out for Glen and his crew from Long Beach Auto Tech. Theyre a bunch of cool guys if you ask me.  Also, a great source for your JDM needs…. i can vouch for them because i recently bought some stuff from them and gave me a killer price! Check em out.



Words from Glen:

“I had always wanted to own an S2000 ever since the first day I became involved with the Honda scene. I finally became an S2000 owner 2 years ago and purchased it from an original owner without the initial intention of making it a “show car.” The car was bought completely stock, but we all know once your into modifying cars you can never leave them stock. Since I own a mechanic shop that’s also in business for performance parts specializing in Honda & Acura, modifying it was inevitable. Eventually, my main goal was to showcase my products and the work that we do at my shop through my car. Even though we are new to the scene, we have been doing this for almost 10 years. I like the car because it’s simple and not over the top. Just enough so I can still have fun with it. The best part of the build has been the opportunity for me to meet a lot of people in the industry who have the same passion as I do. I feel mostly proud of the work I put in when I get behind the wheel of my car. It has been a great experience seeing it go through its changes and I look forward to seeing many more in the future.”


2004 Honda S2000
Engine/ Performance Modifications
J’s racing upper strut brace
Skunk2 mega power headers
Mishimoto aluminum radiator
Mishimoto radiator cap
CT Engineering cold air intake
Custom painted air intake tube
OEM spark plug cover Gold plated
Skunk2 VTEC solinoid cover Gold plated
Password jdm radiator stays Gold plated
MUGEN oil cap Gold plated
Black Works Racing radiator hoses
Black Works Racing Polished battery tie down
Killer Glass upper Glass tube w/ LES’s
MUGEN brake resivoir cover
Invidia Q300 stainless steel tips Cat-Back
NRG Innovations Polished hood dampers
Cross drilled & slotted rotors
Hawk brake pads
ACT performance clutch street disk
ACT performance heavy duty pressure plate
ACT xact prolight flywheel
XACT Flywheel Prolite
Wheel /Suspension upgrades
SSR Varden Sport Shwarz W/Polished lip & Gold plated faces
Rear 17X9  Front 17X8
FALKEN ZIEX 912’s Rear 215/40/17 Front 205/40/17
Buddy Club N+ Adjustable Damper kit w/pillow mount
BEAKS Polished rear lower tie bar
Interior Modifications /I.C.E.
BLOX Limited edition Gold shift knob
Broadway mirror
LED interior, trunk, & license plate lights
Alpine Type S 6″ Component door speakers
Exterior Modifications
OEM Front bumper w/shaved “H” emblem & license plate holes
OEM Front lip
Custom carbon fiber front splitter
Custom L.E.D. yellow driving lights
JDM clear side markers w/ L.E.D’s
JDP Engineering carbon fiber rear spoiler
JDP Engineering carbon fiber rear diffuser
ASPEC billit antenna
10k HID’s bulbs w/ OEM ballast
Rear brake light auto flash controller
VIS Racing carbon fiber side splitters
JDM Rear Red “H” emblem
Removed side S2000 emblems



  • 25/07/2012 at 7:35 am

    Love everything about this car! Absolutely gorgeous! Keep more like this coming please!

  • 25/07/2012 at 9:08 am

    I met Glen for the first time at the 7th Annual Norm Reeves NRH Car Show, and it was the first time I viewed his beautiful S2000. I am one of those people that completely appreciates someone who displays a real ‘eye to detail’ in building a show car. Glen passed that test with flying colors, and then some!!! It definitely wasn’t a far stretch of the imagination for the judges to award Glen the “BEST S2000” trophy. When I did my own write-up on the show for DaYUUM.com and Elemental Motorsports, I made sure that Glen got the special recognition that he richly deserved. I’m totally into this write-up because Ojay Bayang is the person who covered it. Between his Honda Element, and the artistry he’s shown with his “VIP” Lexus build, he also seriously passes my ‘eye to detail’ test! I want to CONGRATULATE Glen, and thank Ojay for being instrumental in making sure that others are also discovering this beautiful ride! “WAY TO GO GLEN!!!”

    Chief DeMarks

  • 25/07/2012 at 9:10 am

    Like you said subtle! some cars look good with big bodies some with small,btw the first car i ever road taxi in learning how to drift was a s2000 in vegas! it was the most intense ride of my life!

  • 26/07/2012 at 3:16 am
    Dr. Fart

    Subtle, clean, beautiful. A real gem amongst so many tasteless modded rides. And I don’t even like s2000s.

  • 04/08/2012 at 2:07 am

    I just dont understand the mugen sticker on the ct intake? In fact the only mugen parts are the oil cap and resivoir cover. Come on people, the only way to further our industry is to step it up and constantly raise the bar. I’m not tryin to hate on his car, cause it is clean, but there are better examples of s2k’s out there that are raising the bar and should be shown as examples instead of this one.