Guam. Finally.

After hearing stories on how the Philippines and Guam are alike, I made it sure to finally visit the island this 2017.

Over the past few years, I have been very intrigued on Guam’s car scene. Situated near Japan, the Philippines and being a part of the United States, Guam is known to host different manners of automotive culture. Fatlace shows, which has been on the island for 5 years, bridges the gap between import, race, domestic, v-dub, VIP through its series of events. Usually held at the Guam International Raceway, Fatlace’s partner – Upshift Ent chose Dededo Flea Market to host this year’s show.

The location, which is nearby the original venue of the lowriders back in the eighties delivers a nostalgic feel as the show exhibits traditional and new ways of automotive lifestyle.

Rarely apparent on the interwebs, but very deep in culture, I kick off my Guam 2017 Tour Coverage with some of the Japanese-inspired builds at Slammed Society Guam 2017. Enjoy.

On the pipeline for almost a year, Tom Akigami of Upshift Ent wanted me to see first hand what the island offers. I’ve known Tom for quite some time due to several trips to Japan and Manila. Outside the car scene, I have been curious about the following things: the Filipinos in Guam, the way of eating and his… NSX – which I am saving for an individual feature.

Merchandise was sold as well, from the event tee, to Stance Pilipinas shirts and slaps, Dededo Flea Market last November 11 was the place for all car enthusiasts on the island of Guam.

Being a Fatlace photo-journalist with a couple of trips to Offset Kings shows in Japan, Tom gave me the green light to judge the show. I would never say that I am an expert in these things, but I quite understand on how a Fatlace show is built from the ground up. Judging the show was quite a big challenge with the caliber of cars that showed up. With this, I had to mentally block out my personal favorites and my ways of customizing a car to achieve what is right in the proper category.

Surely, several cars can land on different categories as it bridges automotive culture.

What’s good in Guam is how the entrants prepare for the show – for example, Ben Garcia’s S14 was newly painted candy red. Sitting on 18 x 10 – 20, 18 x 12.5 – 39 Meisters, his 240 got the first place in the coupe category.

Another looker at the event was Rowell Santos’ S14. I was quite amazed on his wheel fitment, fender set-up and on how he made the suspension settings with the 18 x 10 +11, 18 11.5 – 40 Work Rezax’s. The car had the award of Best Slammed for the show.

Double trouble.

A platform I know by heart, the S-Chassis – here’s probably one of the cleanest examples of an S13. Two-tone, Weds Cerberus II at 18×10-20 18×12.5-39, and a 2JZ swap.

Nicely done RX-7 – also with a 2JZ swap.

California style.  

What’s good in Guam is how close the car community is. With everyone being close to each other, car shows like this elevate the whole automotive scene in the island. More on the different car groups on a separate post.

Sinister looking FRS on Work Wheels CR2P.

Thank you for the warm welcome in Guam. Hope to see you guys soon.

Be right back with some of the VIPs and domestics.

Fatlace | Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 


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