Slammed Sundays at Illest OC hosted by LTMW & Crooks n’ Castles

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This time around, Slammed Sundays was hosted by our good friends from Crooks n’ Castles & LTMW. It was a great turn out, especially that fathers day happened to land on the same day as the meet. Though the event did end a little earlier than usual because everyone was trying to bust a two for one that day. Basically rush to the meet and rush to their dads. haha. The turn out of cars was spectacular and q the quality of cars in the Illest lot was jaw dropping. Thanks to everyone that came out!  Enjoy the photo’s

I arrived around 3 and this was the first car I walked up to. Jofel from SuperStreet magazine dove right into this photo and straight bombed it.

Theres only a handful of Liberty Walk GT-R’s and they all look really good. But this white R-Rydes one really tickled my pickle

I haven’t kept up on drifting as much as I used to but I’m assuming this is one of our Fatlace Top Drift sponsored drivers.

Roy De Guzman’s Hakoska Skyline

Liberty Walk Z4

Floss Design’s 3 Series Wagon

SuperStreet Chevy… Uhmmm, Chevy?.. You know what, I honestly don’t know. But before I took this photo I said to myself, “I’d actually drive this thing!”. I think those TE’s may have put a spell on me.

Kyoei VIP Prius

A few cars from the guy’s of Crooks’. On the top left Rrobthecrooks Ferrari Italia 458′

Crooks Ferarri FF

The Crooks’ familia posted up behind their rides.

LTMW Liberty Walk 458

Ojay Bayang’s VIP Pevia

A very cool looking Volkswagon outfront of the shop



A very good looking BMW 3series on bronze TE’s and a white EP with a set of LE’s. (excuse me if I’m incorrect)



Liberty Walk 3/m3 and LiberyWalk GTR

Rocket Bunny FR-S and BR-Z



Casey’s Cressida, Albert’s Evo & Tucker’s Ford Pick up? Excuse me if I’m wrong again.

Roy driving off

Rob’s all original CRX w/ only 50k on the odo. So clean!

For those that don’t know. Illest OC has turned part of the shop into an outlet that carry’s pieces from all the past seasons. A lot of these item’s are going for a steal! A lot to choose from.


Everybody was grabbin what they can.

Another Crooks Ferarri fashionably late.

And the mad rush for everyone to get home to spend time w/ their fathers.

Hope you enjoyed a short coverage! Happy Fathers day to all you daddy’s out there, see you at the next Slammed Sunday’s.


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