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First I’d like to congratulate the guys over at Wekfest for such an amazing show. I myself enjoyed the day very much and this may sound premature, but I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be one of the best show’s SoCal has to offer. I did hear that roll in was a bit of a frenzy, but I’m sure the overall show made up for all of it. This time around I got to attended as a spectator and kept my car at home. It felt good to actually come to a show with a full nights rest for a change 😉 I arrived an hour before the gates opened and there was already a long line. At around 1pm when the gates opened, the line went as far as the eye can see almost passing the Queen Mary. The weather was a little hotter than I’d like it to be but that fresh ocean breeze gave us a good chill. The cars in attendance were hand-picked by the Wekfest staff and nothing but top notch. Most of the time events tend to have more quantity than quality, but were lucky enough to get both. I want to ramble on some more but It’s Sunday and today’s laundry day. I need some clean underwear for work tomorrow. Haha. Sorry to make this post so quick but shout out to Junior, Ken and the rest of the WF staff for putting together a great show.

Enjoy my friends.

It was 12pm and the crowds were lining up outside. Before I walked around, I went to look for my friends that arrived early this morning. I first ran into Noel Barnum and his Varis equipped FRS.


If you read my post “Family affair” you may remember HeyMikeyyyy’s Acura Integra was down to the frame. Now here it is complete and looking so good!


Look at that fresh chrome!


My next stop was to see my good friend Marshall Lum of AirRexUSA. Mizzarks M5 was displayed along with a AirRex GTR.

Mizzark demoing the AirRex product on his car the whole day to spectators. Also showing us how it double’s up as a weapon if it was still out of the car. Isn’t he cute. Sorry boy’s he’s married.




Neighboring was the guys over at Airrunner USA.


Floss Design’s GT3 911 9.358302053723. At this point I’m already confused about Porsche models/names.


Chris Pine’s LS430 next to a 2nd gen GS.

A super clean Integra


with a sparking K20 with ITB’s


Casey’s Toyota Cressida


Those who know me know I’m a 3GS owner and fan. Yan’s GS450H is my personal favorite GS, after mine of course 😉 haha!


Twin Job Design GS’s


A very clean Fairlady Z sitting on Work Equip’s.


You saw a Chevelle, I heard “EJECTO SEAT CUHZ!”


OMG the  Internet just walked by me.

Ryan of RyWire and Hiro visiting from Japan. I try to get as much candid shots as I can but Ryan reacted with the quickness. hah.




Ojay’s Toyota Previa.


Liberty Walk 3 Series Wagon.

The beautiful Elissa Alva and Official WekFest model.

Always happy and takes the time to sign autographs for her fans.


I asked her if she can step away from the usual and give me her funniest face instead of a serious and sexy pose. She gave it her best and I got this. I later showed this photo to Haylee and she replied “What the hell! She’s still beautiful!” haha. We need to work on your funny face Elissa.

Julie Mai over at the Style Over Comfort Booth.

Another immaculate Integra. Now a day’s its very rare to see an Integra that hasn’t been horribly raped or abused. I always appreciate seeing a nice clean Integra.

Now here’s someone that define’s the #Wekfestprep hashtag.

JayCrayyy was far from done the night before and with no sleep he got through it and finished at the very last minute. His roll in time was at 7am and was still assembling the car over at TheCarShop. Luckily he was allowed a late roll in.

The line was long but it moved very quickly. When the the spectators got closer, they got a little preview on what they were about to see.

As I said before, the line was as far as the eye can see.


Tjin Edition Rocket Bunny FRS.

Vdub Wong’s RWB Porsche


The Tjin Edition Road show had Brakes and Turbo’s on display for spectators see upclose. These were products they use in their own builds.

Denny tour’s with the Tjin Edition roadshow, this is his face when you approach the table.

Liberty Walk GTR on AirRex suspention


Behind the GTR was the Tjin Edition Ford F150.

Johnny’s E60 on Airforce Suspention and Infinitewerks wheels.

InfiniteWerks wheels on display

RyWires Civic EF


DPK S2000


Maurcio’s immaculate EF Sedan

DPK Chuy’s RHD Integra (from japan)

DPK David’s Civic Coupe

Salem’s Acura TSX

Ryan Der’s e30 M3 and Ken Kojima’s 350Z


DPK David not only showing his Civic but also his daily LS430 with newly installed AirRex Suspension.


Joey Lee’s Q45 w/ his new Aimgain Kit.

LTMW Rocket Bunny BRZ

Evasive S2000

Wilburs Audi Wagon

Royal Origin – Angelo’s 350z


Chivas from Royal Origin bringing his Civic all the way from Vegas

Haylee taking selfees with her Fans.

It was Haylee’s turn to do her funny face, showing Elissa how it’s really done. Leave it to her to provide the best awkward faces. Haha.



Royal Orgin has quite the fan base for being a car crew. Their sales went throught he roof!

Derek’s 2nd gen GS and Keith’s IS300

Kevin’s LS400 and Minh’s IS350? or 250. I forget.


Welcome to the Subie show!




Wayne’s S14

I came back around around 2pm and Mikeyyyy’s Integra was surrounded. Mikey has been posting his build via Instagram for weeks and people came to see the final product.

Jorgie one of the guys helping with the build applying his logo on the car.


Mikey didn’t think his car was good enough to display on it’s own. So he bought a Ruckus and customized it to match his Integra. WOW MBN

Another shot of Noel’s car from the rear.


The beautiful Jenn Q. I was going to ask if she would give me a funny face like Elissa and Haylee. But I thought I’d stop while I was ahead. hahaha.


John’s 57 VW Beatle.

The famous DJ Murdock

The Tjin Family

Neil Tjin’s daughter got a free ride the whole show.

Colin Tjin showing up all of us with his skills. Ernesto aka CoachErnestoJr from Wekfest gifted Colin a special team jersey.

LTMW 3Series. Rocket Bunny E36 to the right.

Jump Fo JOY

Mr Seam’s Z4




Marcus’s G35 Sedan. Another favorite of mine. I personally love sedan builds.

Karl’s S2000 w/ almost matching blue TE37’s. He got pulled over after the show cause the cop thought he was 13. hahaha jkjk<3

Sam Ip’s NSX w/ freshly installed Airrex Suspension.

Michael Mao’s NSX

SquadOne LS430. One of my top favorite VIP Builds.

Cuteness overload!

SquadOne Roy De Guzman Hakosuka.

Visting the JDMchemicals booth. Spraying anyone in the face trying to ask them questions.

I meant to say he was demoing the JDMchemical’s products.


It was award’s time and usually by now people already vacate the show because they don’t care to know. People actually stayed to find out which car’s reigned supreme.

Ernesto Jr in the back on the Mic.

Neil, Ernesto and Hiro.

Dougie, Ken & Salem

Dougie again with Jenn Q. So hot!
I’m talking about Dougie of course. haha.

Didn’t get a good shot from the front but Big Mike was the announcer for the awards.

Ken Kojima Taking First Place Z


Keith Chang 3rd Place IS

John taking first VW/Audi

Mizzark taking 2nd BMW



Salem taking an award as well for his Acura TSX. I think everyone thought the awards were edible….



Joey and David


Sam Ip taking an award home. He was recording all the winners and had to place his setup down for a moment to receive it.

the day was finally over and I got to enjoy it with my friends and family

Another shot of Floss Design Porsche and Mizzark’s M5 before we left.

Had to grab a group shot of the Phaze2 familia before the day ended (missing people)




It was a great day and a great event. This also ment it was time for DINNER!! WOO!!

Always a great time at Wekfest! Good times and see you in San Jose!!




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