After a month and a half of waiting for my Canon FTB film camera to be serviced and repaired, I finally got it back! And just in time for Spocom Anaheim. I haven’t really been attending any car shows nor have I shown my personal car this year. I’ve been taking a short break from all the shows this summer and for good reason. But anyways. I was invited by my friend Marcus Kongchan of Spocom a few weeks prior to the event, so I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to test my camera out. It also worked in my favor that the show was in doors and the venue was well lit throughout the whole hall, so lighting isn’t a problem. Spocom is one of the few shows I look forward to attending because of it’s large capacity and cars are screened to ensure the spectators will enjoy what they see… for the most part. haha. There were a few cars that slipped through that screen though. Those owners were lucky I wasn’t in a position to waste film. Nonetheless! the show was successful and for the most part top notch. I wish I could of stayed for the whole duration of the show but I had to say bon voyage to my family visiting from Thailand. I only had a few hours to walk through the event and snapped one full roll. Thank you to Marcus & Paul for always taking care of me and great job on the show! It was also great seeing my friends and company all in one place.

Until next year, Enjoy.

All shots taken w/ Canon FTB & 24mm 1:2.8 & Kodak Portra 800

Floss Design’s Porsche GT3, Mizzark’s E60 M5 & Michael Mao’s NSX at the Toyo Tires booth at the entrance. 
Michael Mao’s NSX The always beautiful Janey B modeling at the Toyo Booth.     Jimmy Lee’s VIP Prius also welcoming the spectators from center hall. Phaze2 HeyMikey’s DC2 Integra at the D2 suspention booth.  This deserved another exposure. I literally walked up to the Eibach booth about to shoot the SuperStreet Rocket Bunny FR-S and Jonathan Wong aka JDMWONG of Eibach springs pops out of nowhere. SquadOne – Roy De Guzman’s Hakosuka Skyline and Jon Jon’s LS430 from with a fresh new blue wrap. To this day, Jon Jon’s LS430 is at the top of my favorite builds, he executed the build just right in my opinion. When I was 16 and way before I really got involved in the automotive community. SquadOne was one of my favorite car crews in the Scene. At the time all my friends talked about was Hybrid, Flux, Arkane and so on.  Speaking of Team Hybrid. There was a large presence of hybrid cars/members in attendance. The most I’ve seen in many years. Below the LTMW Rocket Bunny E36 M3, Liverty Walk GTR & Liberty walk M3 in the back. Im not really into the whole all black / murdered out look. But this G37 coupe really caught my eye. Well done sir. Also really liked this Mercedes Sedan. Surprisingly not a lot of S2000’s but I really liked choice of colors on this one from Team Hybrid. Ojay Bayang’s Previa. Definitely not a stranger to this website.    My Apologize. I mistaken this for another friends car after reading my friend Joey Lee’s ( post on spocom. haha. Correction, Jessica Pabros’ Black Pearl Complete Lexus GS350 from Endless Projects I beautiful an immaculate 61′ 23 window VW bus   Autocon x Legacy x Its JDM yo Fairlady Z. VIP LS460 at the K2MOTOR booth. R-Rydes  Phaze2 Noel’s Varis FRS. (inside joke)   Jose Romo’s Audi A3 Wagon.   R-Rydes Celica. I really dig the look of this car. Paul Garcia’s Liberty Walk GTR. R-Rydes Armand MR2 R-Rydes Corolla. Jovi’s Mitubishi Evo. Two pristine BMW 2002’s I’m sure everyone knows. But I absolutely love Sport/Race Styled sedan’s. This Audi gave me goose bumps 🙂 Another Audi that caught my eye. Glenn Villanueva’s S2000 I also stoppped by to say hi to my friend Danee Han over at the StopTech brakes booth. They had the LTMW Rocket Bunny BR-Z on display. My friend Rachel Viado over at the model lounge. If you want her to follow her on IG, i’m sure you can figure out what her username is. Vertex kitted zenki S14 and another old school Celica right behind it. One day and I will own a 1st gen GS just like this. One day, you just watch.    


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