With a successful first day under our belts it was time for the rubber to meet the road. The pre meet’s turnout was even larger than we had originally expected it to be and the quality was stellar. The morning of the show consisted of us visiting our good friend Miguel Zaragoza’s shop. If the name sounds familiar you’re hearing correctly. Miguel has been in the game since our inception and is the owner of MintCo. Imports. They specialize in the importation of Japanese cars to the U.S so naturally we kicked it at their space for a couple of hours. 

After socializing at MCI we headed to the venue and set up shop around noon. Our booth was located close to the entrance which made for a solid vantage point to take photos from. As heavy winds fluttered the flags of their respective vendors, the parking lot began to fill up quickly; setting the stage for an awesome afternoon. While some of the team handled business at the booth, the others roamed the sea of vehicles and captured the ‘old school’ car show essence that Mike Tolliver and his crew had put together for all of us to enjoy. 

You could feel the 2007-2009 era in your bones the entire day and while there were a few flashier and ‘in your face’ builds present, the overall aesthetic was stock body, period correctness, and hellaflush fitment; and for us old guys, that’s pretty rad.  The sun began to set around six o’clock that evening and after the award ceremony we began to plan what was in store for the night. There was plenty of content begging to be created, but we had to wait for the sun to go down. A select few cars hit The Strip with us for several hours and the rollers that we got are something else. Catch the third and final part of our Stance Wars coverage tomorrow on Fatlace to check them out!

Photos: Mark Enriquez & Kyle Sisana