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19 May 2016

Fatlace TV: Offset Kings Santa Monica 2016

Here’s an awesome video by Alonso Truman from our Offset Kings Santa Monica event. Enjoy!

09 Jun 2011

Steppin’ the game up: Jay’s Nismo 370z

We can all agree that modifying cars is a slippery slope.  It’s hard to just change one thing without a whirlwind of “necessary” additional upgrades, typically needing very little justification.  Jay’s former vehicle of choice was a Scion TC, which he pretty much modified to it’s limits.  This is where

24 Apr 2011

Amuse 370Z

When I saw the Powerhouse Amuse 370Z at Autosalon, I was plotting a way to sell a car or 2 to pick up a 370Z. Its lines looked amazing and as I pictured driving on the track encouraged me even more to keep figuring out a way to own one.

27 Mar 2011

Fairlady Z & Contributors

I’ve been busy working on the site updates that I’ve lacked in posting but we’re ramping up and will bring you the best from around the world thru the eyes of our contributors and friends. At the same time, we’re looking for a few photographers to contribute to the site.

13 Dec 2010

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by tunedc.  Have you looked at headlights nowadays?  They look like futuristic photon blasters.  Great job capturing those colors!