09 Sep 2014

Levi’s Stadium

With the new season kicking off last weekend and opening day next week, I will miss going to Candlestick Park. One thing I wont miss is the incredible amounts of traffic leaving after the game. With that thought I’m looking forward to going to the new Levi’s Stadium for our

11 Dec 2013

Today Was a Good Day

My weekend focused around one thing… NINERS! And gettin’ the W (of all double yous). But first things first… just wakin’ up in the mornin’ gotta thank God. Breaky with the patna in all things MJ (and then some)!Frothy mimosas…cheers!Rest in love Madiba.My boos make it easy to check off

14 Nov 2013


Please excuse my long break from the blog. I will thus answer back with a long entry. My reason? We were in the middle of launching Tastemakers and it was also my birthday. If you haven’t been put on game just yet, Tastemakers is finally up on Fatlace. To bless our

05 Feb 2013

Sportsday Sunday Instagram Winners

Despite the loss of the 49ers from the Ravens this past Superbowl Sunday, faithful fans and supporters of the San Francisco 49ers proudly rocked red and gold for our Sportsday Sunday Instagram contest! We have picked 2 winners who definitely went all out to rep the team. Winners will receive

15 Jan 2013

Quest for Six

Nothing like getting closer to another trophy. Because the land of champs is where I reside. And growing up in Niner country means anything less than being in the playoffs is plain and simply…unacceptable. Let’s go Kap. Two more… on our quest for six.    The city is lit. #redandgoldfever

14 Nov 2012

Niner Gang

The first memory I have of being a sports fan of ANY sport is being a Niner fan. Since the early Eighties I recall going to Lola and Lolo’s house every Sunday during football season to join the entire family in rooting on our beloved Red and Gold team. The