21 Apr 2011

The Daily GS650

Wow.. yeah, wow is all I can say when Kyle first sent me a photo of this Aristo owned by Zeb. Engine and exterior mods make this stick out like a sore thumb and get this… its driven daily. Who says you need a V8 swap when you can make

06 Apr 2011

The Good Stuff

Though many feel this style isn’t appropriate for the nasty streets in the usa, many fans of demon camber outside of the rising sun do all it takes to make their machines the best they can be no matter the road condition. Val Manuel of Oahu is a prime example

20 Dec 2010

Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by rey671.  Makes me want to get into model building just so I can have something this clean on sitting on my desk.  Love the JP rims.

20 Oct 2010

16 Aristo

Here’s couple of pictures of mikey’s friend’s 16 Aristo, all US customed with slamming hydraulics and deep 20 AM Forged Majestic. I hope to one day get this slammed with a family Odyssey. 🙂 And here it is doing its BEST impression of Aibo. [youtube][/youtube]

Toyota Aristo
09 Jul 2010

Toyota Aristo..

A few weeks a go i was visiting Modified Live on the Circuit of Brands Hatch in the UK. While i was walking on the Show n Shine area i saw this VIP Toyota Aristo. Many people were talking about this car because you don’t see many Vip cars in Europe. For me