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25 Apr 2016

Rock Force Crew wins 1st Place @ Massive Monkees Day

Rock Force Crew, featuring: Icey Ives and ILLEST Sponsored B-Boys: Kareem and Morris…win 1st place this past weekend at Massive Monkees Day in Seattle. Went home with bragging rights, gear, skateboards, and a bunch of other random sh*t…oh ya and 3000 dollars. Congrats fellas! Finals Semi-Finals

01 Sep 2015

B-Boy Morris wins “Change the Game” in Calgary Canada for $12,000

Congrats to Illest Sponsored B-Boy Morris (Rock Force Crew/Fallen Kings), for taking the crown at Change the Game in Calgary Canada and going home with $12,000! @iammorris @donovan_707

21 Feb 2013

The Illest B-Boy Contest

Illest and Plus Sign Vibes bring you… ABNORMAL ABILITIES. The Illest B-Boy Battle.  Saturday, March 2, 2013  |  3pm-9pm -3on3 B-Boy Battle for a round trip to the ILLEST Japan event this summer+Clothing, and Trophy ($4000 Value) -2on2 Open Style Battle for $200, Clothing, and Trophy -1on1 Footwork Battle for $100,

22 Oct 2012

Spirit of the Battle

This BBoy exhibition is one of my all time favorite “style” based Battles.  Bboys (Break Boys) Kmel and Remind are going off bringing 2 different energies to the cypher.  Kmel delivers a raw “straight from the Bronx NYC” style while Remind is channeling and incorporating his Native Ancestors thru his dancing. 

22 Sep 2011

Words with Estria

Interview by: Ronnie San Felipe I first met Estria at Psycho City when he and Crayone were painting the giant BBoy and Baby Blue production back in the early 90′s. It’s dope to see that these guys are still rockin and putting up burners worldwide. Estria has been busy with

29 Jul 2011

Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle NY 2011

The first stop for the EIGB this year was at New York, where it all began. I was expecting some dope pieces and they didn’t disappoint. All the writers are given the word at the start of the day with the same amount of paint. They are judged on letter

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27 Nov 2010

4th Annual Estria Invitational Battle Oakland (official video)

Philly’s video of the battle is up! He had an awesome tilt shift lens. That day we were there from start to finish. I helped out w/ some B Roll footage. Next time I’ll be filming more. This day inspired me pick up the pen again! It was dope to

09 Oct 2010

Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle (OAK)

Last Sunday was the Estria Battle held at DeFremery Park in Oakland. It’s part of the Life is Living Festival. In addition to the graffiti battle, there was live music, a talent show (with a sound system powered by solar energy and people riding bikes), Hood Games, yoga, a tee