05 Jun 2013

BRISK Iced Tea Bodega NY Launch Sat June 8

For all my New York friends, the BRISK Bodega launch event is this Saturday, June 8. The event will feature music by artists such as Just Blaze, DJ Sliink and more along with an art exhibit and of course drinks provided by Brisk. This is all goes together with their

02 Feb 2012

Brisk Star Wars Bodega Recap

Tonight Brisk along with SA Studios held a special event in Downtown LA to celebrate the collaboration with Brisk and Star Wars. On display were several works of original art by various artists that took inspiration from the movie with a “Light Side” vs the “Dark Side” theme. My personal

Brisk Bodega
09 Sep 2011

Brisk Bodega

With the resurgence of the Brisk claymation videos earlier this year, the old school beverage brand has reestablished itself on top of the iced tea world. Call me a sucker, but when my favorite rapper drinks Brisk… I’ll drink Brisk. Now, the iconic blue can is taking to the streets

BRISK 25 - Machete for Fatlace on Vimeo_1298743088046
26 Feb 2011

Machete for Fatlace

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/20398470[/vimeo] During my recent trip to New York for the BRISK 25 influencer event, I was able to spend some time with actor Danny Trejo, aka Machete, where I was able to grab this short clip with him for Fatlace and even bowled with him and the group. He is

06 Feb 2011

BRISK Eminem Super Bowl Commercial Challenge

Now that the official Brisk commercial featuring Eminem has aired during the Super Bowl. Here is a challenge for all Fatlace readers. During the commercial there are several “Easter Eggs” hidden that reference Eminem’s past album art or music video scenes. The first person that can name all “8” of

03 Feb 2011


Hip hop heavyweight Eminem has partnered with BRISK on a new ad campaign. From what I’m told Em rarely does endorsement deals, but this one is special as he was given creative freedom and came up with something new and fresh. I’m also told that a music program is in

04 Jan 2011

Viva Machete

The movie “Machete” is on sale on Blue-Ray and DVD now and to celebrate the release actor Danny Trejo has joined the ranks of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea and its list of iconic personalities featured in past commercials, including Babe Ruth, Bruce Lee, Elvis and Frank Sinatra. In connection with