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24 May 2012

Hellaflush Kansai coverage Part.2

More photos from the cars rolling into the event.

22 May 2012

Hellaflush Kansai coverage Part.1

Here’s part one of our coverage of the event. There’s probably 10 parts since there were so many great cars that entered. Enjoy and we will make sure we have a spectacular event in Nagoya or Osaka in October. We want to make up for the lack of parking which

06 Mar 2012

Hellaflush Kansai, Japan – May 19th, 2012

Here’s the official flyer for Hellaflush Kansai in Japan on May 19th at Central Circuit. We’re very excited about this event and if you’re in town, please come by and say hello. We’re going to have one of the most exciting events.. There’s going to be an RC Car Section,