17 Dec 2014

Designing Hope For Chicago

After my recent trip to Chicago over the summer, I was made aware of the beauty and the history of the city, one in which is significant on many levels culturally creating milestones in architecture, sports, and even food. With its rich history also comes a darker side that resonates

18 Jul 2014

Offset Kings Chicago Video

Filmed & Edited By: Jayson Phommavongsa here’s coverage of the Offset Kings Chicago event by Fatlace & JDM Chicago. OFFSET KINGS | Chicago 2014 from JaysMedia on Vimeo.

21 Sep 2013

CREWS Chicago 2013

And, here I am, writing another post just because I was in the right place at the right time. I happened to be in Chicago the weekend of the CREWS show – a local Chicago event that is run by Morris and his crew to help promote the scene and

14 Jul 2013

Slammed Society Chicago Video 2

Check out the footage by Jays Media of our most recent event in Chicago. Thank you again to all of the JDM Chicago people for such a good event. See you next year. 2013 Fatlace x JDM Chicago I Slammed Society from JaysMedia on Vimeo. Credits: D’ Anconia Remix –

28 Jun 2013

Slammed Society x JDM Chicago 2013

Slammed Society is proud to have the first Chicago event this weekend at June 30th at 12PM. Held at Arlington Toyota/Scion, we’ll have the finest slammed rides the Chi-town area has to offer as well as a Illest B-Boy Battle with special exhibition battles between our winners from previous B-Boy

25 Aug 2011

It is NOT a Tiburon

Photos and words by Brad Sillars   Let’s be real, Hyundai caught a bad rap some years ago.  With a fleet of econo-class grocery-getters and their flagship Tiburon, they were a joke in the enthusiast community.    Enter the Genesis Coupe.  FR layout with an option for a 2.0L turbo’d

23 Aug 2011

Wekfest Chicago

Brad here checking in with some Wekfest Chicago coverage.  The midwest came out with a GREAT showing and an awesome variety of rides.  Thankfully it was an indoor show as mother nature decided Chicago needed a monsoon in the morning.  Hopefully this is the first of many future shows that

27 Jun 2011

Welcome to the Thunderdome

This weekend I made the journey from Chicago to Rockford Illinois.  My destination: Rockford Speedway, aka the Thunderdome.  The folks over at Perfect Soundz Automotive in Libertyville Illinois rent out the track and hold an open invitation Drift/Autox event with all skill levels welcome.  They did single person runs, 3

23 Jun 2011

Z33 meets Greddy Twins

By now the Z33 has been around for a while.  Prices are dropping and it seems like every high school kid with 10 grand can pick one up with miles on it and have money left to mod it.  We’ve all seen our fair share of them with the usual

15 Jun 2011

Let me introduce you to Miss S2

I saw this car first hand about 2 years ago.  It was slammed, rocking a set of BBS LMs.  I thought damn, this dude has some style.  Then I walked around the back and caught the plate.  Wait, “Miss S2”?  Miss??  No way.  Sure enough, up walks Angela.  Her S2k